Erik Nourse

"In the summer of 2010 I looked up the catalog for UNM-Gallup in search for a college degree that would be worth something in the real world and I stumbled upon the associates program for nursing. Nursing was something completely new to me and right away it piqued my interest. I decided to go with nursing, just to give it a try. What made it really convenient was its location. Gallup is only 40 miles from Prewitt and I was very thankful that there was something being offered close to where I live. Right now I'm in my fourth and final semester. After I graduate and complete my nursing state test I will have my RN license. I already have a promised job waiting for me when school is complete. This program really jump started my life and I am very appreciative of it. I am one semester away from accomplishing my goal: getting a degree that is useful in the real world and obtaining a career which can sustain me financially. For me this program truly was a blessing"

Erik Nourse / UNM Gallup Nursing Student

"My name is Elaine Begay; I am 29 years old and a USMC Veteran. I attended UNM-Gallup from 2005 and graduated in May of 2008 with an AAS in Design & Digital Media. My experience at UNM-Gallup was very positive and I am still amazed at the level of support of received from my fellow students, Assistant Professor Chad Adelhart and administrators, who were very understanding and encouraged me to never give up when I encountered hardships. The main hardship I encountered was the round-trip drives from Fort Defiance, AZ to Gallup, NM on a daily basis and weekends during finals week with my sister, who was also attending UNM-Gallup; the fuel and food costs were immense. UNM-Gallup's ability to resolve issues that I encountered when it came to fulfilling my program requirements was remarkable. During the time I was attending UNM-Gallup, I was always able to apply for and obtain a work-study position within the campus; first with the UNM-Gallup Bachelor's & Graduates Program, then with my own program, Design & Digital Media. I gained invaluable work experience; which I believe enabled me to obtain an excellent job with the Navajo Nation Human Rights Commission. "

Elaine Begay / USMC Veteran /
AAS in Design & Digital Media

Elaine Begay