Kieffer Manuelito

Kieffer Manuelito / UNM Gallup Student

Kieffer Manuelito is one of the more motivated students in Mike Gleason's Fire Science class but that was not always the case. When Kieffer started at UNM-Gallup through the Center for Career and Technical Education he was failing his classes at Gallup Central High School, and was continually late for classes or missed them altogether if he was unable to walk and/or hitch hike from Twin Lakes. Then something changed when Kieffer realized he had the option of being a role model for his 6-month old daughter and his younger brother. With the encouragement and support of his instructor, his counselor and his family, Kieffer realized that education was the way to improve life for his young family. "UNM-Gallup is close to where I live. It's a good school with good teachers, friendly people and everyone is helpful." Kieffer plans on continuing his education at UNM-Gallup so he can stay near his family. Kieffer's advice to anyone considering UNM-Gallup is "Go for it! I highly recommend UNM-Gallup. I like the program and have learned a lot. There are lots of options at UNM-Gallup - just do it!"

Christian Begay / UNM Gallup Student

One-on-one contact with professors is one of the main reasons Christian Begay came to UNM-Gallup and stayed to complete his Certificate in Information Technology. Christian graduated from Rehoboth High School in 2009 and was unsure of what he wanted to do. After starting and stopping for a few semesters, he finally settled into the IT program. According to Christian, "When I first started I didn't give my full effort. Since my 2nd return, my lowest grade has been an A-. Taking time off allowed me to redirect myself." Christian tried a few semesters at the UNM main campus but found the size intimidating. "UNM-Gallup feels small enough that it's not overwhelming. I like that I can interact with professors and get help when I need it. I'm more comfortable seeing former classmates and teachers every day, and I like the one-on-one relationships with instructors. I feel like I'm not just another student. I can ask about class problems and get answers. UNM-Gallup has a warm and welcoming vibe." After graduation, Christian plans to pursue both a Bachelor's Degree and a Master's Degree in Computer Science. With the IT Certificate completed and a taste of college under his belt, Christian now feels prepared to enter a four-year institution without the trepidation he felt the first time. "UNM-Gallup's certificate program gave me a great head start in pursuing a degree in Computer Science, and is allowing me to do something I have a passion for." Christian recently received his PC Pro Certification which is an added documentation to his IT Certificate. The TestOut PC pro Certification exam is a true 100% performance-based certification that measures not just what you know, but what you can do.