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AAS Construction Technology

Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology (63 Credits)

The Associate of Applied Science in Construction Technology degree is designed to develop skills and abilities necessary to meet employment standards in the construction field. A student who completes the degree program will be prepared to hold a variety of entry level jobs in the construction industry. A graduate with a degree in Applied Science, Construction Technology may be eligible to seek employment in the following areas: Building Maintenance Worker, General Carpentry, Plumbing Repairman, Electrical Maintenance Worker, H.V.A.C. Service Person, Concrete Trades Helper Building Materials Manufacturer, Building Materials Estimator, and Building Supervisors Assistant.

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


Writing and Speaking: (6 credits)
ENGL 119 Technical Communications 3cr
CJ 221 Interpersonal Communication 3cr
MATH: (3 credits)
MATH 115 Technical Math 3cr
Behavioral Science/Social Sciences: (3 credits)
PSY 211 Applied Psychology 3cr
Arts/Humanities/Social Sciences: (6 credits)
Select two courses from the UNM Core Curriculum in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences


CNST 101 Layout & Framing 4cr
CNST 110 Concrete Block Construction OR
CNST 113 Brick Construction 4cr
CNST 115 Concrete Pouring & Finishing 4cr
CNST 120 Principles of Electricity 3cr
CNST 121 Electrical Wiring 4cr
CNST 130 Design of Plumbing Systems 4cr
IT 101 Computer Fundamentals OR
DRFT 115 AutoCAD 3cr
CNST 140 Central Heating Systems 4cr
CNST 175 Blueprint Reading 3cr


Any course relating to a planned course of study with approval of Program Coordinator.


Recommended Course Sequence for full-time Students (part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 14cr/hrs

CNST 101 - 4cr
CNST 120 - 3cr
CNST 121 - 4cr
MATH 115 - 3cr

Term 2 - 14cr/hrs

CNST 115 - 4cr
ENGL 119 - 3cr
IT 101 - OR
DRFT 115 - 3cr

Term 3 - 17cr/hrs

CNST 110 - OR
CNST 113 - 4cr
CNST 140 - 4cr
CNST 175 - 3cr
PSY 211 - 3cr
CJ 221 - 3cr

Term 4 - 18cr/hrs

CNST 130 - 4cr
CNST Elective - 4cr
CNST Elective - 4cr
Gen Ed Elective - 3cr
Gen Ed Elective - 3cr

AAS Construction Technology


Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Construction Technology Program Coordinator:
(505) 863-7560,
Loren Leekela (Zuni Campus) (505) 782-6027.

Chris Chavez,Lecturer II, Construction Tech
(505) 863-7544

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