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Associate of Arts in Early Childhood Multicultural Education (64 credits)

This program in Early Childhood Multicultural Education is designed for students who wish to work in this field, or transfer to a four-year college or university to complete a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood, Child Development, or a related field. This program addresses the seven general early childhood education competency areas required as partial fulfillment of the New Mexico Department of Education licensure in Early Childhood Education (birth to third grade).


Writing & Speaking: (9 credits)
ENGL 110 Accelerated Composition 3cr
ENGL 120 Composition III 3cr
CJ 220 Communication for Teachers 3cr
Mathematics: (3 credits) Does not count toward the UNM-A Core Curriculum
MATH 111 Math for Elem/Mid School Teachers 3cr
Social and Behavioral Sciences: (9 credits) For required courses, refer to the UNM Core Curriculum
Fine Arts: (6 credits)
Natural Sciences: (8 credits)
Choose from NTSC 261L, NTSC 262L, NTSC 263L, CHEM 111L, and BIOL 110/112L.


ECME 101 Child Growth and Development 3cr
ECME 103 Health, Safety and Nutrition 2cr
ECME 111 Family and Community Collaboration 3cr
ECME 115 Guidance of Young Children 3cr
ECME 117** Curriculum Development through Play 3cr
ECME 117L** Practicum Curriculum Development through Play 2cr
ECME 202 Intro to Reading & Literacy Dev 3cr
ECME 217** Curriculum Dev & Implementation II 3cr
ECME 217L** Practicum II 3cr
ECME 220 Asses Children & Eval of Program 3cr
ECME 230 Professionalism 2cr


Recommended Course Sequence for full-time Students (part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 15cr/hrs

ENGL 110 - 3cr
MATH 111 - 3cr
ECME 101 - 3cr
ECME 103 - 2cr
Natural Science - 4cr

Term 2 - 15cr/hrs

ENGL 120 - 3cr
ECME 111 - 3cr
ECME 115 - 3cr
Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr
Fine Arts - 3cr

Term 3 - 7cr/hrs

Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr
Natural Science - 4cr

Term 4 - 14cr/hrs

ECME 117** - 3cr
ECME 117L** - 2cr
ECME 220 - 3cr
Social/Behavioral Science - 3cr
Fine Arts - 3cr

Term 5 - 13cr/hrs

CJ 220 - 3cr
ECME 202 - 3cr
ECME 217** - 3cr
ECME 217L** - 3cr
ECME 230 - 2cr

**ECME 117 & 117L: ECME 217 & ECME 217L must be taken concurrently.

***Summer Semester as needed.



Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Education Office: (505) 863-7541.

Irene Den Bleyker,Assistant Professor & Division Chair
(505) 863-7754 - CH124C

Anne Lundberg, Ph.D., Assistant Professor
(505) 863-7526 - CH124C

Eunice Harrison,Administrative Assistant
(505) 863-7714 - CH124

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