Senate Operations Committee

1. Membership

  1. The elected officers (President, Vice-President, and Secretary) and three (3) additional Senate members elected by the full Senate shall be the members of the committee.
  2. The President of the Senate shall serve as Chairperson of the Senate Operations Committee.
  3. The Parliamentarian serves in a non-voting advisory capacity as required.

2. Duties

  1. Perform basic administrative functions to facilitate the work of the Senate and the Senate committees.
  2. Establish priorities and set agenda for Senate meetings
  3. Transmit to the senate, with recommendations for adoption or rejection, all reports, recommendations and proposals received from other Senate committees. In performing this function, the Operations Committee shall not change committee recommendations or proposals without the approval of the originating committee. It may present its own recommendations to the Senate, with those of the originating committee, for final Senate approval.
  4. Distribute the scheduling of all Senate committee meetings and related activities.
  5. Study Senate procedures and structure, and make recommendations for their improvement.
  6. Refer reports, recommendations or proposals submitted by a Senate committee to another Senate committee or directly to a University administrator or other officer if additional comment appears to be needed.
  7. Function as a “committee on committees.”

3. Meetings

Operations Committee meets once a month, at least 5 days before each Faculty Senate Meeting.

4. Minutes