Art History 202 Review

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Giotto Lamentation Duccio Majesta Ghiberti Sacrifice MasaccioTribute Money
01 Giotto Lamentation 02 Duccio Majesta 03 Ghiberti Sacrifice 04 MasaccioTribute Money
Donatello David H & J van Eyck Ghent Francesca Resurrection Mantegn Dead Christ
05 Donatello David 06 H & J van Eyck Ghent 07 Francesca Resurrection 08 Mantegn Dead Christ
Botticelli Birth of da Vinci Last Supper Bellini San Zaccaria Bosch  Adoration
09 Botticelli Birth of 10 da Vinci Last Supper 11 Bellini San Zaccaria 12 Bosch Adoration
RaphaelSchool of Athens Michelangelo Moses armigianino Madonna Bronzino Venus Cupid
13RaphaelSchool of Athens 14 Michelangelo Moses 15 Parmigianino Madonna 16 Bronzino Venus Cupid
Titian Venus w Mirror_t Bruegel Tower of Babel TintorettoChrist Before El Greco Christ at
17 Titian Venus w Mirror 18 Bruegel Tower of Babel 19TintorettoChrist Before 20 El Greco Christ at
Caravaggio Supper Rubens Raising of Cros Gentilischi Judith Poussin Baptism
21 Caravaggio Supper 22 Rubens Raising of Cros 23 Gentilischi Judith 24 Poussin Baptism
Rembrandt Night Watch Velasquez Maids Vermeer Pearl Necklace Watteau Pilgrimage
25 Rembrandt Night Watch 26 Velasquez Maids 27 Vermeer Pearl Necklace 28 Watteau Pilgrimage
Chardin Soap Bubbles Hogarth Marriage a la David Lictors Bringing Goya Shootings of May 3
29 Chardin Soap Bubbles 30 Hogarth Marriage a la 31 David Lictors Bringing 32Goya Shootings of May 3
Ingres Turkish Bath Delacroix Liberty Turner Burning Friedrich A Mountain
33 Ingres Turkish Bath 34 Delacroix Liberty 35 Turner Burning 36 Friedrich A Mountain
Courbet Stone Breakers Millet Gleaners Boudin View of Trouvil Pissaro Street in
37 Courbet Stone Breakers 38 Millet Gleaners 39 Boudin View of Trouvil 40 Pissaro Street in
Daumier The Drinkers Daubigny Sunset on Manet Olympia Corot Bridges at Nantes
41 Daumier The Drinkers 42 Daubigny Sunset on 43 Manet Olympia 44Corot Bridges at Nantes
Sisley Saint-Martin Monet Poppy Field Homer Breezing Up Rodin St John
45 Sisley Saint-Martin 46 Monet Poppy Field 47 Homer Breezing Up 48 Rodin St John
Degas Daner w Bouquet Morisot Lady at Her Renoir Bathers Seurat Sunday Afternoon
49 Degas Daner w Bouquet 50 Morisot Lady at Her 51 Renoir Bathers 52Seurat Sunday Afternoon
van Gogh Bedroom Ensor Intrique Toulouse-Lautrec Dance Cassatt Woman Bathing
53 van Gogh Bedroom 54 Ensor Intrique 55 Toulouse-Lautrec Dance 56 Cassatt Woman Bathing
Serusier Washerwomen Vuillard Interior Munch Anxiety Cezanne Mt Ste Vict
57 Serusier Washerwomen 58 Vuillard Interior 59 Munch Anxiety 60 Cezanne Mt Ste Vict
Gauguin Where Do We Redon The Cyclops Vallotton Woman Writ Bonnard Checkered
61 Gauguin Where Do We 62 Redon The Cyclops 63 Vallotton Woman Writ 64 Bonnard Checkered
Rousseau The Dream Nolde Still Life Rouault Christ Mocked  
65 Rousseau The Dream 66 Nolde Still Life 67 Rouault Christ Mocked  

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