Student Life

Student Life-Lobo Pledge

Student Life

The diversity of the UNM Gallup student body is reflected in the varied interests shown in student activities. Academic and technical development of the student is the central concern of the University, but a balance with social experience is important.

UNM Gallup does not, as yet, have residence halls, so the social activities revolve around convenient meeting places. Located in the heart of the Campus is the commons area with a recreation room, food service, student government offices and student lounge, all of which form the hub of student social life on campus. Here, the Student Services, Admissions and Registrar's Office are easily accessible to the student. The attractive lobby and lounge areas are a suitable place for students to relax on comfortable chairs and enjoy a cup of coffee and the company of fellow students and faculty. The Student Lounge is located adjacent to the commons area. Inside the lounge are couches, a microwave and television. The Student Senate, the student government on campus, has an office inside the lounge. Also, the Student Senate keeps an up-to-date bulletin board in the lounge posting upcoming events on campus and in the community. Throughout the commons area you are likely to meet your friends studying, eating lunch, or merely passing the time.

Student Activities

UNM Gallup sponsors a wide variety of programs and activities for the extracurricular enjoyment and enrichment of its student body. The University encourages participation in campus clubs, organizations, and cultural, social and recreational programs as necessary for a well-balanced educational experience and the emotional and social health of its students. For more information contact the Student Senate Office, (505) 863-7553.