The Grey Area: Mandatory Sexual Misconduct Prevention Training

On October 17, 2016, the University of New Mexico entered into an agreement with the U.S. Department of Justice to refine UNM’s policies regarding sexual harassment on campus, which includes sexual misconduct such as assault.

As a part of the agreement, UNM is providing MANDATORY sexual misconduct prevention training to all UNM Students

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The training module, entitled, "THE GREY AREA," is an in-person and interactive training that is approximately 1.5 hours in length. It is required of all UNM students, including all branch campus students currently enrolled at UNM, except those enrolled in fewer than six credit hours or those who will graduate in May 2017.

Students must complete the in-person training in order to maintain enrollment eligibility for future semesters. Beginning Spring 2018, continuing students will be required to compete online training annually while new students will still be required to complete the in-person sessions.

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Undergraduate Students

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To register for a Training Session please click on the "Register Now" button next to appropriate session:

Undergraduate General Sessions
Session DateTimeLocationRegister Below
April 21, 2017
2:00pmSSTC 200This Session Is Now Closed
May 2, 2017
9:30amSSTC 200This Session Is Now Closed
May 4, 2017
5:30pmSSTC 200This Session Is Now Closed
June 8, 2017
1:00pmSSTC 200This Session Is Now Closed
July 13, 2017
10:00amSSTC 200This Session Is Now Closed
August 12, 2017
12:00pmSSTC 200Register for August 12
September 2, 2017
10:00amSSTC 200Register for September 2
September 20, 2017
5:30pmSSTC 200Register for September 20
October 3, 2017
9:30amSSTC 200Register for October 3
October 10, 2017
2:00pmSSTC 200Register for October 10
October 11, 2017
9:30amSSTC 200Register for October 11
October 17, 2017
5:30pmSSTC 200Register for October 17
October 27, 2017
10:00amSSTC 200Register for October 27


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Frequently Asked Questions:

If you have concerns about this training, please contact Jayme McMahon, Director of Student Affairs, at 505.863.7508 or