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Do you need help writing a paper for class? Do you want to make sure you used correct grammar and citation before submitting your assignment to your professor? Are you having writer’s block?

We can help you with all your writing needs!

Here’s what we can do for you:

  • Assist you during any stage of the writing process
  • Offer one-on-one consultation, making sure that your instructor’s prompt or rubric are closely followed and final draft polished
  • Teach you how to research appropriately for your assignment using reliable research tools, such as the Zollinger Library Databases
  • Help you understand textbook topics and other required reading
  • Make sure that your scholarship application essay, financial aid petition letter, resume, and other applied writing documents are right on track
  • Provide a quiet place to read, write, or use the computer.

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Who Are We?

The Writing Center is staffed by the Education Specialist and Peer Tutors.

Karla Baldonado
Karla, Education Specialist

Welcome, students! You are in good hands here at the Writing Center. I graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Development Studies, pursued a Master’s degree in Literacy, and worked for the McKinley County public schools before I decided to work for UNM. I’ve lived in Gallup for eight years and I love it! My husband and I have five kids, that is, our son, three dogs, and a hedgehog!

Visit me and the Writing Center Peer Tutors if you need help with a paper or simply want to have a conversation about our shared passion for the written word!

UNM-Gallup Writing Center Student Services & Technology Center, 1st Floor, Room 127

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Farewell, Professor Head: A Writing Center Tribute

by Marcella Garcia

Kathy HeadKathleen Head found herself chosen by the Dean of Instruction to lead the Arts and Sciences Division as their Division Chair, because of her obvious experience and wise personality. She has been the Division Chair of Arts and Sciences for one year but she has worked in the UNM-Gallup Nursing Department as a professor and as a division chair for over 20 years. She is retiring at the end of June and she will be leaving her position as Division Chair to Professor Joe Kee. Professor Head has indeed left her mark on UNM-Gallup though. She was an extremely approachable, committed, and extroverted Division Chair.

Professor Head describes her experience of being the Division Chair as amazing and very rewarding. “The experience itself has been amazing. What I’ve learned is that we have so many amazing and really talented instructors here, that really care about students and whether or not students learn and that’s a great thing,” she states wisely.

Her plans after she’s retired is to possibly do some traveling with her husband and she also wants to do some volunteer work for the community. Professor Head also plans to help Professor Kee adjust to the position of Division Chair. Therefore she will be on campus a few times a week. “For the first time I feel like it’s time. The last time I retired I wasn’t sure I was ready for retirement,” she explains. UNM-Gallup will indeed miss her, and we wish her all the best in this new and exciting chapter of her life.

About the Author

Marcella GarciaMarcella Garcia is a sophomore at the Middle College High School and her strongest subject is writing.

Marcella enjoys writing, reading, and biology. She also enjoys long walks on the beach, ice cream and spending time with her dog. This is her first publication but hopefully not her last.

Words From Our English Coordinator

Winter Break and Reading

Carmela LanzaNow that we are finishing our fall semester work, think about spending some time during the winter break reading. Of course, it is a good time to just relax a bit and feel good about what you accomplished this semester, but it is also a great time to reflect on your reading habits and perhaps set a new goal for yourself regarding reading. When was the last time you read a book for fun or entertainment? College textbooks are not read for fun and are usually not written for any kind of entertainment or pleasure. They have their place in a college course and should be valued as an educational tool. However most of us do not choose to read a textbook for just the joy of reading. And yes, reading can be joyful. So start reading and start with a topic that interests you. I often suggest biographies to my students because reading about an individual’s life can be inspiring and educational. If I read a biography on artist Frida Kahlo, I will learn about a woman who endured significant physical and emotional trauma and continued to create and work. Kahlo was a survivor. I would also learn about American and Mexican history, Marxism, the importance of creativity and imagination, religion, gender issues in the art world, etc. I might also learn why and how Frida Kahlo continues to inspire people especially here in New Mexico. Why do so many people wear Frida Kahlo-inspired clothing and jewelry? If you don’t believe me, check out Etsy some time. Now that you have some time, make some time for reading every day and consider it time for yourself. If you wonder why some people seem to know a lot about the world, consider how reading helps with gaining knowledge. Just start with one book and see how it goes.

Carmela Lanza

Helpful Links

Use these resource links to help you in a variety of writing situations:

The Purdue Online Writing Lab (Purdue OWL)

This is your one-stop-shop for APA, MLA, and Chicago guidelines, which are citation styles you will definitely encounter in classes that require formal writing assignments. Topics on grammar, punctuation, and avoiding plagiarism can also be found here.

Writing Commons

This is a great website if you need tips on writing research papers and proper formatting for APA, MLA, and Chicago. You can also find articles on how to write an effective introduction, useful public speaking tips, how to properly use pathos, logos, and ethos, and other student-friendly resources in academic writing.

Ask a Professor

If you could ask a professor anything, what would it be?

We choose a question from our Ask a Professor Box located in our office, interview a professor, and publish their thoughts in this corner!

This winter season, we asked Dr. Yi-Wen Huang (Associate Professor, English) the following question submitted anonymously:

“Why is citation so important when writing a paper? Why should students care?”

Yi-Wen Huang

Dr. Huang: “Citing the sources you used for your paper is very important because you must give the authors credit for their work. Since you are using their ideas to strengthen your claim, you should give them credit. Otherwise it would be theft of intellectual property. Not citing sources in your paper is like carrying a fake Louis Vuitton or Coach handbag around town.”


"The help students received was imperative and so effective in helping them move forward on their writing assignments."
–Anonymous, Instructor

"The tutors were very patient in helping me address my weaknesses in writing." –Makaela, Sophomore

"Jermaine helped me appreciate the importance of correct APA citation and avoiding plagiarism. Thank you, Jermaine!"
–Anonymous, Senior

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