Curbside pickup guidelines

Curbside pickup guidelines

We will start our curbside pickup for the FALL Semester, Monday 08/03/20 to 08/31/20 with limited hours and days.

Curbside hours: 10am-4pm.

Please continue to check for updated store hours and services.

Customer service inquiries may be directed to and will be reviewed on a daily basis.

UNM-GALLUP Limited operations extended to August 31st

Curbside pickup guidelines: Please be patient & kind, we will get to everyone during this difficult time.

  • Send your request to
  • a. Name and phone number
  • b. Subject: example Acct., Comm., Engl., Hist. …..
  • c. Course #
  •     Section #
  •     Instructor’s name
  • Bookstore staff will call you to schedule a time for your pickup (please have cash or credit card ready when picking up order).
  • To charge your required course material to your bursar’s accounts, please contact the bursar’s office at 505-863-7545 or 505-863-7740. Bursars account must be set up prior to picking up required course material.
  • Note: Credit Card Purchases
    • Card Holder MUST be present at the time of the purchase.
    • Student can ONLY use credit card issued in their name.
    • ALL credit card purchases must have ID (license or student ID)
    • Credit Cards accepted: Visa, Mastercard, and Discover (Must have physical card on hand)
    • No Checks are accepted as a form of payment at the UNM Gallup Bookstore
  • a. Location: Gurley Hall parking lot
    b. One you arrive please call 863-7505 to check in
    c. We will ask you to drive up front, near the loading area. Give minor details of vehicle (color, make & model). Do not get out of the vehicle.
    d. Bookstore Staff will ask for your picture ID when using credit card and if you are charging to your bursars’ account.
  • Please have face mask on when picking up orders. (Bookstore staff will not approach a vehicle, if student does not have mask on).

    Thank you for your cooperation

    UNM-Gallup Bookstore