Certificate in Cosmetology / Barbering
(40 Credits)

Information for Current and Future Students

Barbering does not require Manicuring, but does require Honing, Stropping and Shaving (2 credit hours). The clock hours for the certificate are 1200 (40 credit hours). Cosmetology requires 4 credits in manicuring to receive 1600 clock hours for the certificate (44 credit hours).

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


Health Promotion/Physical Education/Leisure (3):

HLED 1220 Personal Health Management 3cr


COSM 110 Theory of Cosmetology I 3cr
COSM 111 Theory of Cosmetology II 3cr
COSM 130 Permanent Wave, Shampoo & Styling I 3cr
COSM 131 Permanent Wave, Shampoo & Styling II 4cr
COSM 140 Haircutting/Scalp/Coloring/Facials I 4cr
COSM 141 Haircutting/Scalp/Coloring/Facials II 4cr
COSM 212 Theory of Cosmetology III 3cr
COSM 220 Strop, Honing & Shaving 2cr
COSM 232 Permanent Wave, Shampoo & Styling III 3cr
COSM 242 Haircutting/Scalp/Coloring/Facials III 3cr
COSM 250 Cosmetology Lab I 2cr
COSM 251 Cosmetology Lab II 2cr
COSM 260 Salon Management 2cr

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