Student Affairs

All offices and programs within the division of Student Affairs will continue to offer limited services and maintain remote/telework schedules. Please refer to individual department and program webpages to learn how to schedule appointments, upload documents, communicate with staff, and access additional information.

Spring 2021

As the Spring term begins, key offices that serve students will continue to operate, however services may be limited and will be conducted remotely, and staffing will be staggered. Division leadership will identify employees who can continue to work remotely based on respective job duties, access to required equipment and technology, and existing underlying health conditions (some programs may continue operating in a fully remote environment). Please refer to individual department and program webpages for details regarding hours of operation and support.

Traditional student events will either be conducted online or with the implementation of social distancing and COVID-19 safe practices pending public health orders and guidance. UNM-Gallup’s New Student Orientation has been converted to an online format. The Grey Area, the mandatory sexual assault prevention course, will be delivered online; all new students will receive an email with information and a link to access the training modules. We are currently offering recruitment and outreach events remotely and will do our best to meet the needs of all prospective students and educational partners.

The Physical Education Complex remains closed. Our recreational personnel are committed to providing a safe environment for students and employees to recreate while also ensuring proper health and safety protocols can be implemented. As such, we are not able to offer the opportunity to participate in intramurals or other group sports activities at this time; however, we have several virtual events scheduled.

The outdoor fitness trail will be closed in accordance with public health orders.

CAL services are fully remote this semester or until further notice. You can schedule an appointment here.

Looking Ahead

We continue to monitor the current situation throughout the state and McKinley County as we adhere to restrictions and public health guidance. We are committed to providing a safe learning environment, and once we are able to provide in-person services and activities we will do so.

When that occurs, the physical layout within all departments and programs within the Division of Student Affairs will be modified to support social distancing and limit contact between staff, students, and visitors. Many services will continue to be offered remotely, and when necessary individual student meetings will be conducted outside of single-occupancy offices in an environment that ensures student confidentiality.

We will continue to encourage the scheduling of student meetings via telephone or online communication platforms, including enrollment, advisement, financial aid, and accommodations services; students will also have access to tutoring, mentoring, and other student supports via telephone and online options.

Contact shields will be installed at all front service counters, and barriers will be placed in high-traffic and shared workspaces where social distancing is more of a challenge. All services will be conducted by appointment only with limited in-person activities, and walk-in access will not be available until later in the term when additional safety protocols have been implemented. Waiting rooms and seating areas will be inaccessible, therefore all individuals with appointments should arrive no earlier and no later than their scheduled time. Lobby seating and student/visitor lounge areas will also be inaccessible.

UNM-Gallup Student Affairs’ professionals understand the importance of student engagement and peer interaction. Student Senate, club meetings, and group mentoring activities will be limited in size with a participant requirement of wearing protective facial coverings. While club and program student travel, food purchases, and food sales are not possible at this time, they will resume as soon as possible; other fundraising activities must receive prior approval based on sponsor’s plan to implement COVID-19 safe practices.

Student Affairs - Workspaces

Supervisors will ensure that all employees are aware of and participate in:

  • A daily health symptom screening survey
  • Mandatory self-reporting requirements should exposure to or positive test results for COVID-19 occur
  • University of New Mexico guidelines and expectations for Bringing Back the Pack
  • A log in/out for employees, students and visitors
  • Office-specific procedures for shared equipment like copiers, phones, refrigerators and water coolers to include frequent cleaning for disinfecting; daily cleaning for disinfecting of personal work spaces and equipment.
  • Any additional department-specific protocols for maintaining a healthy environment, including managing shared work and open spaces

Each department and program within the Division of Student Affairs will ensure implementation of the following protocols:

  • Employee break areas may be used if 6 feet is maintained between occupants.
  • Face coverings may be removed for eating and drinking.
  • Employees should be particularly aware of social distancing in restrooms.
  • Meetings in online format should continue, even if all participants are on campus.