Graduation Application

Graduation Application

PRIORITY Deadlines for Graduation Application (IMPORTANT):

  • Spring Semester = Mid April
  • Summer Semester = Mid July
  • Fall Semester = Mid November

NOTE: If you are applying for multiple Certificate/Associate degree programs, you are required to submit a separate application for each degree status. LATE or INCOMPLETE applications will be processed with the following semester graduates.

* required field

- * Level of Degree:

Status Review

- * Are you planning to participate in the Commencement Graduation Ceremony?


- * Have you met and reviewed your overall Graduation Status with an Advisor?
- * Did you recently graduate High School within the last year?
- * Are you planning to transfer to UNM Main-Albuquerque in the near future?

IF Yes, please fill out the “Branch Transition Request” online at:

For more information visit and review website:

ANY of the following situations will cause your graduation application to be deemed INCOMPLETE:

Transfer Credits:

- * Do you have any additional credits to be transferred from another institution before graduation?

- Did you you send for your Transcripts?

Course Forms:

- * Do you have any course substitution/exception form(s) for any of your course(s) on pending status with your Advisor?

Grade Replacement:

- * Do you have any grade replacement form(s) for any of your course(s) on pending status with the Registrar Office?

Incomplete Grade:

- * Do you have any Incomplete grade(s) - “I” that need review and/or updated with your instructor(s)?

Student Hold:

- * Do you have a Hold that needs review and to be resolved?

- * Submit your application to your Advisor listed below:

Student Acknowledgement: