Page 41 - Frate cu meridianele si paralelele vol. 7
P. 41

I had a suspicious terrible car accident that I
                    could  be  dead  on  May  9th  2013  on  the  freeway,
                    near Thoreau, going from Gallup to Albuquerque to
                    the  airport  between  9-10  a.m.  (in  order  to  get  to
                         There  was  a  nice  weather,  good  luminosity,
                    no  car  near  me  in  front  or  back  for  a  distance  of
                    about 100 meters, plane/horizontal freeway in the
                    desert...  and  suddenly  my  almost  new  car  Chevy
                    that was on cruise control going with 75 miles per
                    hour turned upside down with the wheels on top
                    and I was inside... I never had such violent accident
                    in my life…
                         Fortunately the seat belt kept me hanged in
                    the air with my head down and legs up...
                         Also, suspiciously no airbag opened although
                    the car was almost new and in good condition and
                    the car has very strong blows landing on its ceiling.
                         I escaped with little injures to my hands and
                    my head…
                         What should I expect for the future?
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