Students Club

American Indian Business Association (AIBA)

President (CEO):
Alan Ashley

Club Advisor:
April Coonsis (Staff)
Al Henderson (Faculty)

Club Purpose: To stimulate and produce tribal economic development. The goal of AIBA is to recruit, retain, and increase graduation rates of American Indian Students. AIBA produces tomorrow's leaders, prepares our future American Indian managers through association Activities which create experiences, insights and contacts that will give you a substantial edge over the competition.

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American Indian Science & Engineering Society (AISES)

President: Jonathan Crank
Club Advisor: Chris Platero
Club Purpose:The mission of the American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES) is to substantially increase the representation of American Indians and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science, and other related technology disciplines.

Ancient Ceramics Club (ACC)

President: Amanda Martza
Club Advisor: John Zimmerman
Club Purpose: to provide a better understanding of different cultures and their views based on how the constructed and interpreted their cultural values and philosophies. To also help and promote awareness and participation in the Ceramic Arts as well as all Art Based Media.

Architecture Club (ARC)

President: Aften De La Cruz
Club Advisor: Samir Wahid
Club Purpose: The primary purpose of the Architecture Club is to expand the learning experiences of the students enrolled in the Pre-Architecture, Drafting/CAD program or individuals who are interested at the University of New Mexico Gallup Campus. Our Mission as a club will be attained through the following means:

  • Providing an opportunity for members to meet professional architects, to visit four-year colleges offering Architecture Programs, and to attend various architecture firms, presentations and lecture series.
  • Providing direct support and assistance to others who need help with Architecture, Drafting and/or CAD Program in the classroom.
  • Developing and giving presentations about career field of Architecture on campus, surrounding areas if necessary, and general meetings.
  • Providing a venue for interaction and networking with other Architecture Students and professionals both one-on-one and via Internet.

Asian Club (AC)

President: Gailbert Mediavillo
Club Advisor: Yi-Wen Huang
Club Purpose: To promote Asian Culture, represent a minority group on campus, represent a minority group in the city, state, and region by:

  • Providing a social environment for students for students of Asian ethnicity or those interested in Asia or Asian culture.
  • Promoting Asian cultures by presenting cultural events.
  • Providing opportunities to students of Asian ethnicity or those interested In Asia or Asian culture to volunteer or take part in community service.

Beta Tau Psi Chapter (Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society)

President: Marcus A. Yazzie
Club Advisor: Dougherty Tsalabutie
Club Purpose: The purpose of Beta Tau Psi Chapter of Phi Theta Kappa at the University of New Mexico-Gallup campus shall be the promotion of Scholarship, the development of leadership and service and the cultivation of fellowship among qualifies students of this college.

Cosmetology and Barbering Club

President: Ivene Bahe
Club Advisor: Lorraine Marie Aguyo
Club Purpose: To provide extended education to all cosmetology student members. To also provide and enhance our endeavors as members in cosmetology, we participate Hair Shows to advance our creative and artistic skills to the Cosmetology/Barbering Program. Spa Days are also one of achievements we constantly put in hours and money to donate to Cancer Patients.

Graphic Arts Group (GAG)

President: Michelle Eriacho
Club Advisor: Artremis Yazzie
Club Purpose: The primary purpose of the AIGA Organization is to expand the knowledge of the Design and Digital Media Students. This Organization will benefit the campus as well as the local community. The AIGA will also help educate graphic artists of the ethics and practices when doing design work. GAG gives Gallup, UNM and other members of the community and gives students a chance to work with professionals.

Unidad de Estudiantes Hispanos - Hispanic Student Union (HSU)

President: Mike Madrid
Club Advisor: Nick Brokeshoulder
Club Purpose: To promote academic achievement in the Hispanic Student Community, also to promote awareness of Hispanic Scholarships that are available to our Hispanic Community of students.

Intervarsity Christian Fellowship

President: Lystra John
Club Advisor: Susan D. Gay
Club Purpose: The Purpose of IVCF/USA is to establish and advance at colleges and Universities witnessing communities of students and faculty who follows Jesus as savior and Lord: growing in love for God, Gods word, Gods people of every ethnicity and culture and Gods purposes in the world.

Journalism Club:

President: Jennifer Jones
Club Advisor: Pamela Stovall
Club Purpose: To Give Students at UNM-G a voice. To Shine light on all the roles a journalist can take, to also assist in finding writers, Photographers and various artists to work with the Campus Voice Newspaper.

Native American Student Club (NASC)

President: Darlyn Owens
Club Advisor: Nick Brokeshoulder
Club Purpose: To Support Native American Students attending UNM-Gallup through specific American Indian cultural events related to academic support. To promote cultural diversity and contributions of Native Students for this University as a whole.

Student Nurses Association:

President: Latasha Long
Club Advisor: Karessa BItsoie
Club Purpose: To promote health within our community. Raising awareness about nursing degree programs as well as UNM-Gallup. To assist with mentoring Pre-Nursing and current Nursing Students.