Student Clubs

Something for everyone, including you.

We don’t expect you to be in class all the time. We have a wide variety of student organizations so there is some way for everyone to feel like part of the campus. There are many ways to get involved. Some groups you want to join, some you may not, but each represents a way for someone to belong. To fit in. To find their way by joining and leading and learning. We think that’s pretty special. Don’t see anything you like? Charter your own group.

Some ways to get involved at UNM-Gallup

  • American Indian Business Association
  • American Indian Science & Engineering Society
  • Architecture Club
  • Art Student Collective
  • Automotive Club
  • Asian Club
  • Cosmetology and Barbering Club
  • Multi-media Club
  • Running Club
  • Skills USA
  • Student Nursing Association
  • Student Veterans Association
  • Student Senate
  • TRiO Club
  • UNM-G Campus Voice
“Becoming a member of AIBA was just a beginning of something great. So far I have gained new insight into Business and networking”
Bernadette Yazzie
Student Profile
Student and Chief Technical Officer
American Indian Business Association

How to start a UNM-Gallup Student Club

Congratulations on your interest in starting a student club at UNM-Gallup.

Please download and submit the following documents to Roanna Shebala at or go to Student Life (GH-B228)

Deadline: Closed until Fall 2017.

Club Forms

Fiscal Management