What we offer

UNM-Gallup north campus is one of the 24 adult education programs in New Mexico offering FREE classes for high school equivalency test preparation, refresher courses for getting ready to attend college, and help exploring career and education pathway. Math, reading and writing courses are taught by qualified, experienced and caring teachers. Classes are offered four times a year: July, September, January and April. Come and join us and catch a view of your bright future.


425 N. 7th St. (corner of 7th and Maloney across from del Norte Elementary)
Open: Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM, except for designated UNM-Gallup Holidays and closures.
Phone: (505) 726-6310

North Campus

North Campus Building

ESL Classes

Career Pathways Exploration

Preceding each session is a week where reading, language, writing, and math skills are assessed. Also, career exploration activities are held in order for each individual to explore their own interest and write down some specific steps on the pathway to several futures.

Hi-SET(r) Preparation

HiSET® Preparation

Classes are offered to help students prepare to take the HiSET® (high school equivalency) test. Students progress at their own pace. Once the student is ready, the Hi-SET® paper-based exam can be taken on-site. Students must sign up in advance to attend the sessions. Call for info

Our Staff

Steve Marti

Program Director

(505) 726-6317
Room 105

Adrienne Tsethlikai

Program Coordinator

(505) 726-6311
Room 106

Jovena Laate

Math Instructor

(505) 726-6310
Room 111

Jacinta Sice

Math Instructor

(505) 726-6310
Room 107

Stephen Rogers

Math Instructor

(505) 726-6310
Room 110

Ashley Smith

Testing Coordinator

(505) 726-6310
Room 104

Lin Boos

Reading Instructor

(505) 726-6310
Room 104

Della Frank

Writing Teacher

(505) 726-6310
Room 104

Julia McSweeney

Writing Teacher

(505) 726-6310
Room 104

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