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Here at UNM-Gallup, We are a community of unique perspectives respecting and embracing our differences. We are a culture of contrast rather a contrast of culture. Unafraid to let our colors run and blend and we let the very things that divide us become the things that connect us to each other. So we can create, collect and be inspired by knowledge.

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08/20 - #HappyMondayLobos #HappyFirstDayofClasses: Welcome to the Fall 2018 semester #MondayMotivation "You're off to great place, today is your day, your mountain is waiting, so get on your way!" - Dr. Seuss View Monday Motivation flyer

08/17 - CEO Weekly Brief - 8/17/2018: This week's brief includes: - Welcome and introduction - Dean and Chair. Please see entire weekly brief at CEO Weekly Brief webpage

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The Role of Community Colleges in Economic Development

August 06,2018 - Community colleges play a very important function in improving the lives of students, and do this through the fulfillment of multiple roles such as ...

Could a Community College be Right for You?

July 13,2018 - When considering the large number of choices available for higher education, the decision of where or how to attend college can seem ...

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