Changes in Enrollment

Changes in Enrollment

Once registered, students may process schedule changes through the drop/add procedures during appropriate periods. Procedures for schedule changes and deadlines are published in the Schedule of Classes and on the Academic Calendar.


Students may add courses or change sections only through the second week of the semester or the first week of the summer session (see the Academic Calendar), except for miscellaneous dated courses.


A student may drop a course or courses without a grade during the first six weeks of the semester or the first three weeks of the 8-week summer session. A student may also drop a course or courses from the seventh (7th) week through the twelfth (12th) week of a regular semester; however, the instructor of each course that the student drops will assign a grade of WP (Withdrawal Passing) or WF (Withdrawal Failing). A grade of WF is computed in the student's grade point average. Course drops after the twelfth week are only processed in cases of hardship beyond the student's control. Course drops after the twelfth week must have the approval of the Registrar. For specific deadlines, please refer to the Schedule of Classes that includes the Academic Calendar.


Course withdrawals after the drop deadlines must have approval from the Registrar. This approval is limited to hardship cases involving circumstances beyond the student's control. Course withdrawals are subject to grades of WP or WF to be determined by the instructor at the time of withdrawal. The WF will be computed in the student's grade point average. For course withdrawal deadlines, refer to the Academic Calendar (see Withdrawal from the University).

Change in Grading Option

No change in grading option (including audit, credit option, and letter grade) in any course may be made after the fourth week of the semester or the second week of the summer session. After registration has been completed, any change in grading option must be done by the student. It is the student's responsibility to make certain that he or she is registered in the course for the proper grading option. A resident student may enroll for independent study and extension courses only when the addition of such courses does not cause his or her program to be over the maximum load allowed and only after approval has been given by the dean or director of his or her college.

Completion of Student Courses

Students are responsible for completion of all courses in which they are enrolled at the University. Changes in enrollment, drops or withdrawals must be officially recorded on University records. A student not following proper course or withdrawal procedures may receive a failing grade.