Extension and Independent Study

Extension and Independent Study

Transferring from Other Institutions

UNM allows credit for independent study, correspondence and extension courses at UNM or through other fully accredited colleges and universities toward degree requirements. Credit for extension and independent study courses completed in institutions not accredited by regional accrediting associations is not accepted for transfer, although a student who has completed such correspondence or extension work in a course comparable to one at UNM may establish credit here by special examination (see Examinations).

The hours earned by independent study or extension from accredited institutions other than UNM may be counted toward degree requirements, but the grades will not be included in the students grade point average (see Grade Point Average).Courses taken from other institutions must correspond to those offered at UNM.

Any graduating student not in residence who expects to substitute credits earned by independent study toward fulfillment of degree requirements must have prior approval of his or her department chairperson. The student is responsible for complying with all regulations stated in the current Independent Study Bulletin.


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