Records and Registration



All certificate and degree track students are urged to consult an advisor before registering for classes. New or undecided students may see an advisor in the Student Services Department. Students already in a degree or certificate program may see their assigned advisor.

Schedule of Classes

The Schedule of Classes is an official publication of the Registrar's Office distributed each semester without charge. The schedule lists the semester's course offerings, dates, times, place, and procedures for registration along with other important information relating to the semester. Please refer to the schedule of classes for up-to-date information each semester.

Registration Procedures

Details of the registration procedures are contained in the Schedule of Classes.

Payment of Tuition and Fees

Payment of tuition and fees is required to complete registration and is due according to the policy in the schedule of classes. For specific information about tuition and fees, refer to the Tuition & Fees section of this catalog.

Enrollment Limit

Except with special approval, undergraduates may not take more than 20 semester hours during regular sessions and 10 semester hours during summer sessions.