Scholastic Regulations

Scholastic Regulations

The scholastic standing of all students (including those who withdraw from the University during the session) with respect to scholarship is checked at the end of each semester and summer session. At such times, all students who are deficient in scholarship are placed on probation, or suspended, in accordance with the following regulations:

Probation and Suspension Policy

  1. The minimum scholarship index to remain in good academic standing at UNM Gallup is 2.00. Students will be placed on academic probation at the end of any semester in which their academic record fails to equal a 2.00. Probation is not a penalty, but an emphatic warning to the student that the quality of work must improve if the student is to obtain the necessary grade point average for graduation. Duration of probation is one semester.
  2. Students on academic probation for a given semester are subject to suspension at the close of that to suspension or dismissal because of his/her grade point average until the end of the semester or summer session in which the cumulative number of hours attempted exceeds 16. Duration of suspension is one semester for the first suspension, one academic year for the second suspension, and five academic years for the third suspension. This policy is not grandfathered; therefore, previous suspensions are considered.
  3. Students wishing to apply for readmission, after the suspension period is served, must contact Student Services for readmission procedures.
  4. Students under suspension from another institution will not be considered for admission to UNM Gallup. A student on probation may not take more than 12 credit hours during the regular semester, or 6 credit hours during the summer term.

Course Load

A minimum course load for a full-time student is 12 credit hours. The maximum course load is 20 credit hours. A student may request an overload permit.
Full-time ¾ time ½ time
Spr/Fall 12 9 6
Summer 6 3

Credit Overload

A student who requests an overload must have a minimum of 3.0 grade point average, OR the approval of a program advisor or the Dean of Instruction (or the Dean's designee).

Removal of Incomplete (I) Grades

No grade except "I" can be raised by completion of other work or by a special examination. Incomplete grades must be removed by the published ending date of the next semester in residence or within the next four semesters if the student does not reenroll in residence. The student is responsible for making arrangements with the instructor. The incomplete may be changed to a passing grade by satisfactorily performing the work prescribed by the instructor in a manner determined by the instructor with the approval of the dean or director of the student's college.

After completion of the required work to remove the incomplete, the student obtains from the Registrar's Office a permit to remove an Incomplete. The instructor completes the form and returns it to the Registrar's Office where the official entry on the student's record is made. The removal of incomplete form or a request for an extension must be filed in the Registrar's Office by the last day of the appropriate semester. All incomplete grades not removed during the above mentioned periods and by the above mentioned procedure described above automatically are converted to "F" (failure). Students should not re-enroll or re-register in a course for which an Incomplete has been received in order to remove the Incomplete unless required to do so by the instructor, and then enrollment must be on an audit basis.

Change of Grade

The instructor of a course has the sole and final responsibility for any grade reported for that course. Once a grade has been reported to the Registrar's Office, it may be changed only after the instructor who issued the original grade has submitted the reasons for such a change in writing. The college dean or department chairperson must also approve the change of grade. Any change in grade must be requested within 12 months after the original grade was issued.

Academic Record Disputes

  1. A student seeking retroactive withdrawal, enrollment, or disenrollment; or extension of time for removal of an incomplete grade, or a grade option change; or for further academic record changes involving exceptions to the rules governing registration and academic records which are set forth in the University Catalog, may submit petitions to the Records Office under the Dean of Admissions and Records.
  2. The petition shall state the nature of the request and shall specify the semester involved, the course and section number, the student's name, I.D. number, mailing address and telephone number. The petition should state the reason for granting the request, and shall include documentation of extenuating circumstances, such as medical, family, or employment needs. The petition shall be typed and signed.
  3. Upon receipt of a student's petition, the instructor(s) involved will be contacted for a statement concerning the request.
  4. The petition (along with instructor comments) will be forwarded to the Grade Petition Committee for a review and decision.
  5. Students will be notified in writing of the outcome of the petition.
  6. If the petition is denied, students may wish to appeal the decision. For more specific information on the appeal process students may contact the Records Office.