Special Admission Options


Early Admission

The University of New Mexico will admit on a full-time basis a limited number of highly qualified applicants after completion of their junior year of high school. To be considered for early admission, the student must: 1) have achieved an exceptional record on a minimum of 15 units in a strong college preparatory program in an accredited high school; 2) have the unqualified recommendation of the principal or headmaster; and 3) have achieved a score on the ACT satisfactory to the University. In most cases a personal interview with the admissions officer is required before a decision is made. For more information contact the Admission office at UNM Albuquerque at 277-5822.

Middle College High School

The Middle College High School (MCHS) is a New Mexico public charter middle college high school located on the University of New Mexico-Gallup campus in Calvin Hall rooms 100-102. Students from the area who are residents of New Mexico with 10 high school credits can enroll into this rigorous academic and career focused program. The MCHS has a small enrollment of only sixty students who can take part in the program. A lottery is held before each semester for enrollment. The MCHS students are enrolled both in the high school program to earn their diploma as well as with the University of New Mexico-Gallup. Students take college courses only while earning both college and high school credits. Students are also required to take part in other components of the MCHS program. These include: small group seminar, tutoring, professional mentoring, job shadowing, service learning, and work-study. (See page 15 of the catalog for more information.)

Center for Career & Technical Educational Credit (formerly Area Vocational School)

Students enrolled with the CCTE at UNM Gallup may earn up to eight credits per semester, which may apply towards a technical degree at no charge to the student. The courses are taught by CCTE faculty at a pace consistent with the learning level of high school students. The same material is covered as in the college class of the same name. College credit is earned concurrently with credit applicable towards a high school diploma. Check with your high school counselor to see if your high school participates in the CCTE program.

Vocational Special

Students currently enrolled in high school grades 9-12 may enroll at UNM Gallup for up to 7 credit hours of vocational coursework per semester. This program is designed to provide high school students the opportunity to take coursework otherwise unavailable to them at their high school and is not intended to compete with coursework available at the student's high school. To be eligible the student must present letters from either the parent or guardian and the high school principal or counselor unconditionally recommending the specific coursework for which the student intends to enroll. Such documentation must accompany the regular UNM Gallup application. The student is not permitted to take courses on an audit basis while under the program.