Withdrawal from the University

Withdrawal from the University


Students who wish to withdraw from all of their courses on or after the first day of classes may do so at the Registrar's Office. Withdrawals through the end of the sixth week will appear on the student's record with the notation "withdrew" and the date. University withdrawals initiated after the sixth week of classes (third week of the summer session) will be subject to grades of WP or WF. The grade of WF will be calculated as a failing grade in the student's grade point average. The instructor, upon completion of the University withdrawal process, will assign all withdrawal grades. When students leave the University during a semester and do not withdraw according to this regulation, they become liable for grades of F in their classes, even though they may be passing their courses at the time of leaving.

Cancellation of Enrollment

In the event a student cannot attend classes after registering for classes and clearing tuition, it is the student's responsibility to withdraw or cancel registration. Cancellation of registration must be received in the Registration Center prior to the start of the semester. Once the semester has officially begun, students must officially withdraw through the Registrar's Office. Students who do not officially cancel their registration prior to the start of classes or withdraw after the semester begins will be responsible for tuition in accordance with the University's Tuition Refund Policy. NOTE: Faculty are not responsible for dropping students who do not attend.


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