Tuition & Fees

Tuition and Fees

The student's residency status and the number of credit hours in which the student enrolls determine the tuition a student is to pay. Auditors, those enrolling in a course for no credit, pay the same tuition as those enrolled for credit. All tuition and fee charges are subject to change without notice. Students are required to pay their tuition and fees at the time of registration unless they present to the cashier written verification of a financial aid award, grant, scholarship, third party authorization letter, or have made prior arrangement for a loan. MasterCard and VISA are accepted for tuition payments.

If payment is not made at the time of registration, the student will be disenrolled from class(es). Registration is not complete until all tuition and fees are paid or cleared through the University Cashier's Office. All tuition and fee charges, as well as fees for special services, are subject to change without notice. Anyone designated as a nonresident student, determined at the time of admission, must pay nonresident tuition and fees. Information and petitions for changing the resident status are available in the Admissions Office. The deadline for submission of petitions is Friday of the third week of the semester.

Additionally, some courses have a fee. Required fees are published each semester in the Schedule of Classes.

Current Tuition and Fees
Resident Non-
Part Time
Full Time

Tuition charges are subject to change without notice.

According to UNM tuition policy, as of Spring 2012, non-resident students will pay the non-resident rate starting at 1 credit hour.

  • 65 or older
  • New Mexico resident
  • up to 6 credit hours
  • $5.00 per credit hour
  • Must turn 65 by Friday of the third week of class

Tuition and course fees will be refunded in accordance with the following schedule, when the student withdraws or drops courses voluntarily.

For courses greater than 4 weeks in duration:
Drop in hours or withdrawal:

  • Through Friday of the third week of classes: ...............100%
  • After third week of classes: ................................. 0%

For courses 4 weeks or less in duration:
Drop in hours or withdrawal:

  • Through first day of classes: ..... 100%
  • After first day of classes: ..........0%

All refunds are based on official date of drop or withdrawal. To receive consideration for a refund of paid tuition and fees, students must officially complete drop procedures for their course(s). All refunds are requested at the Cashier's Office. If a refund is due and payment was made by check, there is a 21-day hold period from the payment receipt date before the refund is processed. MasterCard/Visa card refunds will be credited to the charge card. Students must provide credit card number and expiration date to the Cashier's Office. The refund check will be mailed to the student's current system address. Please confirm your address with the Cashier's Office when making a refund request. Refund requests made after the first day of classes will not be processed until the end of the fourth week of classes if financial aid has been awarded.

Students who drop classes after the refund deadline are still responsible for payment of tuition and any special fees. Refund checks, based on the date of withdrawal, will be mailed to the student by the Cashier's Office.

Because student financial aid must be used solely for educational expenses, when a student receives a cash payment of financial aid and then withdraws or ceases to carry at least one-half of a full-time course of study, some of these funds may have to be repaid. If withdrawing be sure to go through official withdrawal.