For Instructors

For Instructors with ARC Students in Class

ARC Student Test-taking: Please make arrangements with the ARC staff at GH 2205, to either pick up the student test from your office, or have it delivered to the ARC office: 2nd floor Gurley Hall, Room 2205. (505) 863-7757 or 7527. ARC will ascertain your time limit and due date, and return the completed test to your office.

To request a Reader or Note-taker:
Please have the student drop off their schedule at the ARC office, and a Reader and/or Note-taker will be assigned as their schedule allows. It is also beneficial if a fellow student with good note-taking skills could be asked to share a copy of their notes, as we may have more requests than staff.

For your low-vision students: Our ARC Study room has new equipment for not only enlarging text, but also for audibly reading the text for the students who benefit from auditory learning. Some of that equipment is portable, and can be signed out by an ARC student enrolled in our program.

Test Instructions for ARC staff proctors

Drop Off Test Form

When can ARC students take their tests?

To All Students Taking Tests

What are classroom accommodations?

ARC Description and 2310 Info

Exhibit A from UNM Policy 2310

Exhibit A from UNM Policy 2310

Faculty Syllabus Statement


UNM-G Contact for 504/ADA Compliance and referral to main campus coordinator:

Mary Lou Mraz,
UNM Student Success Specialist
(505) 863-7527

UNM-G Contact for Title IX and referral to main campus coordinator:

Jayme McMahon, Director of Student Affairs
(505) 863-7508

UNM Main Campus Title IX Coordinator

Heather Cowan, Title IX Coordinator
(505) 277-5251

Office of Equal Opportunity