Academic Advisement


Things Change. Change with them.

That’s why it’s never been more important to prepare yourself for what’s ahead. And what’s why it’s never been more important for us to start supporting you as soon as possible. Starting right now. Before you even go to college. Step one: Get in touch with an admissions counselor today. Let’s start looking at options, financial and academic, and plan a path. If there’s a way, we’ll help you find it. If you have the drive and the determination to be a lobo, we want you to be here. We want you to succeed.

Visit us for your academic planning needs and career interest. Our offices are located in the Student Services Technology Center (SSTC). Department telephone is: (505) 863-7706

Walk-IN Days

Our Walk-IN Days are Monday, Tuesday, and Friday and our Appointment Only Days are Wednesday and Thursday. (Appointments are to be scheduled through with their designated advisors)

The Academic Advisors provide general advisement for all programs. The Advisors are:

Caseload Advisement
Student's Last Name Your Advisor Office Location Office Phone
A – D = Shynal Robinson
Academic Advisor
SSTC 258 (505) 863-7746
E – K = Michelle Lee
Student Success Manager
SSTC 256 (505) 863-7534
L – R = Sheryl Luther
Senior Academic Advisor
SSTC 252 (505) 863-7660
S – Z = David “Wyatt” Stiger
Senior Academic Advisor
SSTC 254 (505) 863-7607
ALL Pre-Nursing to Nursing Program Students Tonya Thacker
Senior Student Success Associate
NCC Rm. 142 (505) 863-7599
Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Participants Mary Lou Mraz
ARC – Student Success Specialist
GH 1127 (505) 863-7527
(505) 863-7757
TRIO/SSS Participants Sophia Francisco
Sr Student Program Advisors
Kimimila Simms
TRIO Program Director
GH 1136 /1139 (505) 863-7751 / (505) 863-7654
Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Courses Sonya Damon
EMT Director
Health Career I (HCI) (505) 726-6324

Students are encouraged to set up their profile and schedule an appointment to their assigned advisor through (ONLINE):

"I had been out of school for 10 years. I didn’t feel motivated by my family and didn’t think education was important. I went through a bad time where I was homeless and pregnant with triplets. After they were born I promised myself I would make better decisions and coming to UNM-Gallup was the best thing that ever happened to me. I can now map out not only my future but that of my children. UNM-Gallup is about the Journey. It really is about the motto ‘Stay close, go far” because yu can stay close to your family and friends yet go far with your education. I came to UNM-Gallup because I wanted to and they did a great job of letting me know that if I work at giving 100%, they will meet me and make it happen. I haven’t dreamed like this since I was in high school – UNM-Gallup gave me my life again. If a mother of triplets can do it, you can do it!”
Latoya Willie
Student Focus
First year student
Mother of 5-year-old triplets