Temporary Disabilities / Injuries

Temporary Disabilities

The University of New Mexico -Gallup is here to assist students to continue their academic success, even if a temporary injury occurs, such as a broken limb, surgery, etc. While the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) does not recognize temporary injuries as a disability for which accommodation is legally mandated, the appropriate departments will assist to direct students to where they can find resources for such situations. Students will be expected to show verification of their temporary injury to the appropriate faculty or staff member at UNM Gallup.

Should this type of injury occur, you should contact the following areas or individuals:

  • Faculty - You should contact your professor or instructor of the courses you are enrolled in and inform them of your situation. By contacting the faculty member, they can work with you on your course assignments and with potential absences or tardiness that result from your temporary disability/injury. Please refer to your syllabus for the appropriate e-mail or phone contact information for your faculty member.
  • Accessibility Resource Center - This office can assist in directing students to the appropriate resources for temporary injuries and can inform the student of resources available within the campus and community.
  • UNM-G Dean of Instruction Office - This office can assist in directing students or family members to the appropriate resources for temporary injuries.

Contact Information for Assisting Offices

  • Accessibility Resource Center - (505) 863-7757
  • Dean of Instruction - (505) 863-7679
  • Parking and Campus Police - (505) 763-7620

UNM-G Contact for 504/ADA Compliance and referral to main campus coordinator:

Mary Lou Mraz,
UNM Student Success Specialist
(505) 863-7527

UNM-G Contact for Title IX and referral to main campus coordinator:

Jayme McMahon, Director of Student Affairs
(505) 863-7508

UNM Main Campus Title IX Coordinator

Heather Cowan, Title IX Coordinator
(505) 277-5251

Office of Equal Opportunity