CEO Weekly Brief

March 16, 2018

Despite the general quietness of spring break, our campus has experienced quite a whirlwind of activity this week. Welcome back to our students on Monday and best of luck as we sprint to the finish line for this semester!


Today I will attend the monthly meeting of the Gallup Executive Directors Alliance (GEDA) to work with key administrators from the Gallup-McKinley County Area as we share information and coordinate partnerships and long-term goals. An added part of today’s agenda will include a discussion regarding how our local area might benefit from the Federal Opportunity Zone Program which was created by the Federal Tax Cuts and Jobs Bill of 2017 [PL115-97]. The tax advantages of this designation allow for the attraction of captal investments into areas defined as being economically distressed. Click below to see full agenda and Alliance members.

GEDA Agenda


On Wednesday of this week, I was asked to present to the Capital Projects Committee of the New Mexico Higher Education Department to answer questions regarding the new UNM-Gallup Physical Plant and Storage Facility. After a brief discussion, the project was voted on and approved by the committee allowing us to move forward with planning and construction of this $2,000,000 facility. Click below to see the architect’s rendering of the new building.

PPD drawing


The work of the Program Prioritization Project is done and I want to thank everyone who worked so diligently to submit their reports of efficiency and effectiveness from their departments. Today I will take receipt of the scores as a one-page summary graph. The leadership team will convene to use the scores to determine a combination of additional revenue sources and expense adjustments to identify ways of funding a nearly $460,000 budget deficit for fiscal year 2019. All index reports and scores will be published on the Institutional Research web page soon thereafter.


A campus-wide group met several times this week to assess course scheduling in terms of demand, sequencing and accessibility. Committee members included the Dean of Instruction, Director of Student Affairs, Registrar, Senior Institutional Researcher and all division chairs. As committee chair I charged the group with using an organized and scientific process to forecast enrollments and look at innovative scheduling models to best meet student needs.

The committee was presented with a data warehouse of all course sections for the past 25 semesters. The group then tested assumptions regarding proposed scheduling for the upcoming summer and fall semesters. Academic Affairs and Student Affairs are working together to produce a robust, relevant and revitalized schedule that will encourage and support increased enrollment numbers and better ensure a more streamlined process for students to complete their certificates and degrees.

Representatives from the A:shiwi College and Career Readiness Center were invited to join us at the table for these conversations. As one of several vendors providing college-level coursework at the Center, we shared information regarding our scheduling processes and asked them to forecast what future needs UNM-Gallup might be able to fill.


Once the leadership team has identified a list of revenue enhancements and expense reductions, a balanced budget will be prepared in time to meet the required dates of the UNM budgeting process. Input will be considered from both the Program Prioritization Project and the extensive course scheduling meetings. Key dates include:

3/20/18 A copy of the budget will be delivered to the Local Advisory Board Chairperson to help in preparing the agenda for the 3/27 board meeting.

3/22/18 UNM-Gallup will be on the agenda to present a "big picture" summary of our budget at the Board of Regents Budget Summit. We will present a balanced budget that will not be dependent on the use of reserves.

3/27/18 The UNM-Gallup Local Advisory Board will vote on approval of the budget. Board members are responsible for approving the annual budget for recommendation to the Board of Regents. Click below for a listing of all Local Advisory Board duties.

Ralph Richards

Ralph Richards

Olin Kieyoomia

Olin Kieyoomia

Gerald O'Hara

Gerald O'Hara

Priscilla Smith

Priscilla Smith

Local Board Members


At the request of Provost Chaouki Abdallah, I will participate in the Redesigning the University Initiative which will pull together experts in different campus areas to identify ways in which the University can positively position itself to take advantage of emerging opportunities. Of the six identified task forces within the project, I will serve on the group researching “New and better ways of engaging UNM with the local community.” I look forward to including our UNM-Gallup campus in these discussions about how best to invest in UNM’s future. For more information, please refer to the link below


Congratulations to Karla Baldonado, our Employee of the Month for February. Karla is an Education Specialist and Coordinator of the Center for Academic Learning. She was nominated by Mary Lou Mraz, Student Success Specialist and Joe Kee, Interim Chair Arts and Sciences. In their nomination form, they note, “Karla always demonstrates a pleasant, positive attitude and is very willing to help in any way she can. Her positive outlook of the future of CAL stands brighter as Karla strategically finds ways to collaborate and demonstrate to students their empowerment to learn.”

Karla Baldonado

Karla Baldonado, February Employee of the Month