CEO Weekly Brief

April 13, 2018


We benefited yesterday from a visit from several directors of the UNM Human Resources department who braved the wind to do a workshop for our supervisors. It was great meeting with them and learning of innovations they are developing and updates from their department. As UNM-Gallup was one of the pilot locations for the new online performance evaluation project, we were also able to provide feedback on that system. Many thanks to Sylvia Hunt for organizing the visit and to the team for making the trip to UNM-Gallup.

Joey Evans, Director, University Benefits
Marleen Martinez, Executive Director, HR Services
Mike Brown, Director, Client Services
Kevin Stevenson, Director, Business Services

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I appreciate the invitation from Dr. Tracy Lassiter to attend the “Visuals to Voices” exhibit of her English 100 students. I look forward to viewing the displays of her students which will be displayed in the Center for Academic Learning April 16 – April 23. Dr. Lassiter briefed me on the depth and meaning of this event as well as the importance of this to students and curriculum. I hope you will all have a chance to stop by and admire their work.

Visual to Voices


On Monday of this week I met with the architects and engineers from main campus and spent several hours going line by line reviewing the design documents for our new $2 million physical plant facility. The design is now 100% approved and ready to go out to bid. I look forward to breaking ground on this project perhaps as soon as early fall.


The members of our local advisory board convened this week for a retreat during which they reviewed their code of ethics. These are the rules of conduct that guide and direct their roles on the board and they took this task very seriously. Please refer to the link below for the full listing of the code of ethics. As elected officials, our board members are one of our links to the community and bring the voices of their constituents back to the campus.

Visual to Voices


It was my honor to attend the 6th Annual UNM-Gallup Scholarship Ceremony this week. I am humbled by the number of donors and sponsors who support our students and help to ease the financial burden of attending college. As always, I am awed by the students themselves and the amount of work they have to do to succeed and persist. Many congratulations to the 456 students who were scholarship recipients for the 2017-2018 academic year. They were awarded a total of $1,078,487.00 from a variety of sources including Navajo Nation, Pueblo of Zuni and other tribal, private and endowed scholarship contributors. For a full listing of scholarship sponsors and recipients, please see the link below to the ceremony program.

Scholarship ceremony

Scholarship ceremony


I will be on professional travel this next week with the other two members of our executive leadership team, leaving on Sunday, 4/15 and returning to campus on 4/23. I will briefly be in-town the afternoon of 4/20 before leaving again for a hearing in Santa Fe. While I will be available via phone and email during this time away, I am designating Ron Petranovich, Physical Plant Manager, as Acting Chief Executive Officer for any urgent on-site administrative actions required during my off-campus travel. As the highest ranking administrator on-campus during this time, I am also granting Ron full signature authority in my absence.