October 12, 2018


The UNM-Gallup local advisory board will hold their next meeting on Tuesday, October 16th at 1:00 p.m. in the executive conference room. The meeting agenda is available for viewing. Board meetings are open to all so please feel free to attend according to your interests.


Tuesday of this week found me on the agenda of the Finance and Facilities Committee of the UNM board of regents reporting on our categorization of reserves report. Joined by the CEO’s of the other branch campuses, we were thoughtfully and respectfully questioned by committee members and asked to follow up with more detail regarding:

  1. Reserve balances and the source of funding;
  2. A multi-year plan on planned use of reserves;
  3. Enrollment trends.

Finance and Facilities Commitee Meeting


The Office of Institutional Research has relocated from the north side of Gurley Hall to the CEO suite. Relevant and current institutional information is essential to the effective operations of our campus so I am looking forward to this new co-location of functions which will bring big data even closer to everything we do. Senior Institutional Researcher Brittany Babycos is happy with the move noting, "UNM-Gallup strives to be a data-informed, data-driven institution. Moving institutional research into the executive suite will reaffirm the importance of institutional research in decision-making, while allowing UNM-Gallup employees a centralized location for institutional research and data-related consultations."

Brittany Babycos

Senior Institutional Researcher Brittany Babycos in her new location in the CEO suite.


Congratulations to our new student senate officers who were sworn in yesterday. I am looking forward to working with them on their student leadership agenda in the year ahead. In their ceremony yesterday they all agreed to "…faithfully serve the students of the University of New Mexico Gallup campus, act in accordance with the University of New Mexico Gallup campus student government constitution and bylaws and fulfill all duties and responsibilities required of my position." Best of luck to these wonderful new campus leaders.

Student Senate Officers

Student senate officers l-r: Senator Rayel Holyan, President Leland Benn, Senator Sophia Salazar, Senator Gabriel Charlie,Senator Bryan Collision.


I am pleased to know that UNM officially recognizes Indigenous Peoples' Day as a significant holiday and I was humbled by the commemorative activities that took place in Gallup and across America on the second Monday of October. As noted in the UNM Administrative Policies and Procedures Manual (Section 3405, subsection 5.2):

Indigenous Peoples’ Day is commemorated on the second Monday in October. Notably, the University is one of the few flagship universities with a long history of enrolling, educating, and employing Indigenous Peoples. The purpose of Indigenous Peoples’ Day is:

  • To bring an awareness of the ongoing struggles of Indigenous Peoples;
  • To honor all that Indigenous Peoples bring to the State and University through their culture, language, arts, knowledge, and values; and
  • To recognize that the University’s campuses are on the ancestral land of Indigenous Peoples.


I wish a very happy fall break to our students and faculty. I hope you are all enjoying a few days away from classes and campus responsibilities, but know that we miss your presence and energy and look forward to a full campus again on Monday!

UNM-Gallup Parking Lot

Empty fall break parking lots….