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December 9, 2019


This year we celebrated our Holiday in New Mexico event with over 1000 community members! Our team could not be more pleased. We have so much gratitude, and humbleness, while we express our thank you for sharing that time with us with so much generosity of spirit for the day.

I’d like to personally thank the team who coordinated putting the event together. This year’s event was dedicated to our former Sr. Public Relations leader, Marilee Petranovich, who was greatly responsible for the events continued success and growth. Her magical and loving spirit was felt throughout the evening.

We were also lucky to have Santa and Mrs. Claus join the festivities to confirm which of the hundreds of children were on the nice and naughty lists. I am grateful to our Dean of Instruction, Dr. Dan, and new Sr. Public Relations Specialist, Hutson Morris, for playing their roles well and putting smiling faces on all the families that attended.

Holiday in New Mexico 1
Holiday in New Mexico 2
Holiday in New Mexico 3
Holiday in New Mexico 4


As storms become more frequent this season, it is critical that we all understand the procedures the university plans to take to keep us all safe as best is possible.

As a rule, UNM Gallup will follow the decisions of the Gallup McKinley County School District regarding delayed opening, campus closure, or early closure. Upon making one of those decisions, a “Lobo Alert” will quickly be sent out and the media will be notified. It is our goal to keep everyone safe on the roads and within our learning environment.



Last week, I attended the UNM President’s Cabinet Update meeting in Albuquerque. It is always very informative and an important place for Gallup to have representation at the table. My goal of attendance is to ensure our branch stays at the forefront of any issue management and top of thought during conversations that determine the allocation of resources. This month’s meeting focused on the 2019-2020 State Legislations ambitions and accomplishments. The link below is the presentation the Government Affairs team shared with those of us in attendance as a summary of their activities and what challenges they plan to tackle in the coming year.

Executive Agenda

Lobo Legislation Presentation


I was privileged to sit down with the two newly elected UNM Gallup board members last week. Although I, we, have great appreciation for the years of service put in by the incumbents they replace, I am very enthusiastic about the new energy and ideas Rebecca “Becky” Apel and Edwin J. Begay are bringing to our collective team. It is also a pleasure to have Teri Garcia continue her work with us as an elected member. I feel very fortunate and grateful to have these public servants as board members as advisers. We have much work to do, and their voices and concepts will add to our thinking on a diversity of issues that impact the university.

Gallup Independent

Gallup Independent 2


I am thrilled to share that my standing meetings with faulty leadership have been incredibly productive on topics about the UNM College of education, select masters’ programs, and bachelorette complete programs. Our discussions are explorative, practical, solution driven and promise to lead UNM Gallup to progress in a manner we can all be proud of. I am very much enjoying working with John Zimmerman and look forward to the results we will all achieve.

John Zimmerman


Please visit the to learn the 2020 rooms and dates set for my office hours. We look forward to also extending our location menu to include new locations on North campus.
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