Weekly Brief - July 27, 2021

Dr. James Malm


Hard work and perseverance pays off, and we only need to look back to the past 500-plus days of our UNM-Gallup community living under a variety of restrictions during this COVID-19 pandemic as proof. Because of your commitment to the health and safety of our students and colleagues—and family members—we can finally and officially welcome back the pack starting next week on Monday, August 2nd.

This week closes out the month of July at UNM-Gallup, which has been a period of transition for many of our faculty and staff who have been gradually returning to their offices in a hybrid fashion. This transition has allowed many of us to reacclimate to working on campus, clean and sanitize our workspaces, and simply get back into the groove of working on campus. This period of preparation and hybrid operations has lined us up well for our return to full campus operations next week.

As we return next week, I’d like to remind you of a few important housekeeping tasks and policies communicated by main campus:

  • UNM-Gallup personnel should take their “The Pack is Back” training available in Learning Central (https://learningcentral.unm.edu).
  • Masks: Fully vaccinated individuals are not required to wear a mask, but those who are not fully vaccinated must wear a mask at UNM-Gallup. Vaccinated individuals may still choose to wear a mask, let’s remain respectful of each other.
  • Fully vaccinated individuals no longer need to physically distance, except where specifically required by signage.
  • Personnel who experience symptoms of COVID-19 or diagnosed with this virus must continue to follow UNM’s self-reporting guidelines
  • And, most importantly, while vaccines are not mandated for UNM-Gallup faculty, staff, and students, you are strongly encouraged to receive a COVID-19 vaccine for your safety and the safety of others you may encounter on our campus.

While we are looking forward to our full return to campus operations and being back together next Monday, we have also learned throughout this experience that our personnel can be successful and productive while working remotely—and may have found some joy in that work arrangement. If there is an interest and benefit between you and your supervisor to continue some form of a remote work arrangement, please remember to route those requests through the official UNM Remote Work and Telecommuting Program. You can find more information and program documents at hr.unm.edu/remote-work.

We will continue to follow the data and public health guidelines as we have done since the beginning of this pandemic. Our priority is your health and safety, and I encourage you to stay close to your Lobo Mail and other communication resources available to you at UNM-Gallup to receive any updated guidance throughout this upcoming fall semester. /p> I am so excited to see our personnel return to campus on August 2nd as we prepare for our students’ return on August 23rd. It will be nice to see campus life return to normal at UNM-Gallup, which is testament to all your hard work over these many, many difficult months we have all lived through together.

Please stay safe and stay well.

Please stay safe and stay well.s R. Malm, Chancellor
Professor of Business


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