Wireless Network

UNM - Gallup went live with two wireless networks on August 1, 2007. Thanks to the UNM - Gallup Student Senate, Title III Grant and Middle College HighSchool for their contributions to the financing of this project.

The UNMG_GUEST network is available for use by all, and provides access to the internet and most UNM - Gallup publicly accessible resources. It does not allow printer access.

Accessing the UNMG_GUEST wireless network

To access UNMG_GUEST, select the wireless icon in the system tray of your Windows computer. Then double click the UNMG_GUEST network in the "Wireless Network Connection" window. Once the connection is established, close the "Wireless Network Connection" window. To gain access to the connected network, open a web browser, you will be redirected to the UNM - Gallup "Connect" page. Once on the "Connect" page, enter your email address and hit the "Accept" button. You are now on the UNMG_GUEST wireless network.

Accessing the UNMG_SECURE wireless network

Access to the UNMG_SECURE wireless network is restricted to faculty and staff with active UNM - Gallup login accounts. Information about connecting to the UNMG_SECURE network have been email to all faculty and staff on the UNM - Gallup faculty and staff email lists. If you missed this email or have questions please contact IT Services for assistance.