Our Mission

The mission of IT Services is to design, implement and maintain an appropriate,cost effective IT infrastructure in support of our students, faculty, staff and community.


Wireless Network

Introducing Improved Lobo-WiFi. Sign up once and Forget about it! Available to: Faculty, Staff and Students. Campus-Wide Roll-out August 27.

How do I connect to the
New Lobo-WiFi?

Network Traffic Graphs - ABQ

View Traffic Analysis of UNM-Gallup Network - ABQ.

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IT Work Requisition

Create a work order to request a service related to Information, Hardware and/or Software. (For internal use only)

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Our Staff

Ann Swancer, IT Officer
863-7678 aswancer@unm.edu

Lorraine Hood, Technician
863-7672 - lahood0@unm.edu

Darrell Thompson, Technician
863-7604 - darellt@unm.edu