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Submit completed application packets to GH-B225 by the end of the day of April 13th, 2018

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Student Senate Mission Statement:

The purpose of the UNM Gallup Student Senate is to represent and serve the student body in order to promote a positive and successful college experience and to strengthen ties between students, administration, and the community. We believe that every student is a valuable member of our student body and we will seek to effectively address the concerns and opinions of our fellow students. We pledge to influence positive change on campus by serving as advocates and liaisons for the student voice and by encouraging the success of a safe, friendly and engaging campus atmosphere.

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Student Senate Swearing-in Ceremony 2017

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The Student Senate is an elected body which represents the interests and concerns of all students on campus and is the official link between the student body and the university administration and faculty. All students who are officially registered for classes at UNM Gallup are entitled to bring issues before the Senate, and, along with the public and other members of the University community, are welcome to attend all meetings of the Student Senate. The Student Senate performs a variety of tasks on Campus which affect the life of the general student body. A general summary of their duties includes:

  1. Consulting with, and making recommendations to, the faculty and administration on matters affecting students. Acting as a forum for student concerns and ideas and as an interface for those issues with staff, faculty and administration.
  2. Serving on faculty/student committees concerned with the welfare of the student body.
  3. Managing student body financial affairs.
  4. Developing a student activity program to meet the varied needs and interests of the student population.
  5. Developing and monitoring guidelines for student activities in order to be accountable to the University community.
  6. Promoting high standards of personal conduct within the student body.
  7. Promoting a campus spirit for the student body.
  8. Promoting responsible self-governance of student affairs by students.
  9. Chartering on-campus student groups.

To obtain Student Senate recognition and funding for a student group, contact the Student Senate Office, Gurley Hall, Room Basement Room B225, 505.863.7644 and complete an application-for-charter form. Likewise students interested in involvement in their student government are encouraged to seek office in the Senate by completing a Declaration of Candidacy at the Student Senate Office.

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