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Auto Technology Certificate Program

Certificate in Automotive Technology (42 Credits)

Opportunities for employment for holders of a one year Certificate may include Parts Counter Person, Mechanics Helper, Entry-level Technician, Component Exchanger, or Diesel Technician Helper.

The following are the course requirements for completion of a Certificate in Automotive Technology. Students should see an advisor to customize their educational plans and transferability of courses.


Writing and Speaking: (3 credits)
ENGL 119 Technical Communications 3cr
Business Management & Technology: (3 credits)
IT 101 Computer Fundamentals 3cr
Mathematics: (3 credits)
MATH 115 Technical Mathematics 3cr
AUTT 111 Automotive Testing & Diagnostics 6cr
AUTT 115 Brake Systems 6cr
AUTT 130 Electrical System Repair 6cr
AUTT 157 Steering & Suspension 6cr
AUTT 167 Emission Control Service 3cr
AUTT 230 Electrical Systems Overhaul 3cr
AUTT 295 Practicum in Auto Technology 3cr


Recommended Course Sequence for full-time Students (part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 15cr/hrs

AUTT 115 - 6cr
AUTT 130 - 6cr
MATH 115 - 3cr

Term 2 - 15cr/hrs

AUTT 111 - 6cr
AUTT 230 - 3cr
ENGL 119 - 3cr
IT 101 - 3cr

Term 3 - 12cr/hrs

AUTT 157 - 6cr
AUTT 167 - 3cr
AUTT 295 - 3cr

Auto Technology Certificate Program


Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Dennis Brieno, Lecturer, Applied Tech/Auto Tech
(505) 863-7529
GH 2210P

Vernon Upshaw, Lecturer, Applied Tech/Auto Tech
(505) 863-7529
GH 2210P

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