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Green Building Certificate Program

Certificate in Green Building Certificate (32 credits)

Green Sustainable, Recycling, or Renewable & Alternative Energy all currently in vogue terms that deal with the fact the humanity is overwhelming and damaging our planet. Simply put our certificate is all about developing sustainable living philosophies for future life on earth. As a nation, America is the greatest polluter in terms of carbon footprint on earth. We need to educate, be responsible for, and to focus on positive changes if we expect to live in and pass on a sustainable future on earth. Then whole green movement addresses relevant issues in the attempt o develop educate and foster a "sustainable" future. Construction Technology's focus is the building side of the "Green" movement that is inherently linked to the larger problem.

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.



CNST 104 Core Curriculum 4cr
CNST 114 Passive Solar Adobe 4cr
CNST 124 Renewable Energy Active Systems 4cr
CNST 134 Sustainable Landscape 4cr
CNST 174 Green Building/Design 4cr
CNST 204 Timber Frame Construction 4cr
(Maximum of 8 credit hours for one or combined courses: CNST 295 & 299.)
CNST 295 Practicum OR
CNST 299 Cooperative 4-8cr


Recommended Course Sequence for full-time Students (part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 16cr/hrs

CNST 104 - 4cr
CNST 124 - 4cr
CNST 174 - 4cr
CNST 295 - OR
CNST 299 - 4-8cr

Term 2 - 16cr/hrs

CNST 114 - 4cr
CNST 134 - 4cr
CNST 204 - 4cr
CNST 295 - OR
CNST 299 - 4-8cr

Green Building Certificate Program


Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Christopher Chavez, Lecturer II
(505) 863-7544

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