UNM-G REI - About Us

Our Mission

Create Successful Communities through Entrepreneurship.

Our Purpose

To serve as an experienced resource team, to render advice and guidance that will strengthen the Rural Entrepreneur Institute (REI) in the following areas:

  • Entrepreneur Expo
  • Entrepreneur Scholarship Program
  • Create Mentorship Program
  • Strengthen entrepreneur curriculum
  • Training for the regional labor force
  • Student Business Organization
  • Workshops for small business owners
  • Website for the REI consultation and referrals on regional economics and business
  • Collaboration and partnership on community projects

Our vision

To put a smile on people's faces to express their independence, happiness, and to share their work with the public.

Our value

Sharing our knowledge and experiences

Rural Entrepreneur Institute Accomplishments

  • Entrepreneur Expo
  • Associate of Applied Science in Entrepreneur
  • Certificate of Entrepreneurship
  • Johnson Scholarship Foundation Entrepreneur Scholarship
  • Daniels Opportunity Scholarship
  • Di Gregorio Business Scholarship
  • Business Outlook Forum
Adult Winner

Mr. Henderson conversing with a community member about her project.

Youth Winner

Henderson congratulating a high school winner of his project.