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AAS Tribal Court Advocate

Associate of Applied Science in Tribal Court Advocate (66 credits)

The Associate of Applied Science Degree in Tribal Court Advocate is designed for those interested in becoming Tribal Court Advocates. The objective of the program is to prepare students to take the tribal court advocate examination and begin practice as tribal court advocates. Minimum acceptable grade for prerequisite courses in this program is C, Not C-.

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.


Writing and Speaking: (9 credits)
ENGL 110 Accelerated Composition 3cr
ENGL 119 Technical Communications 3cr
CJ 101 or above 3cr
Behavioral/Physical & Natural Sciences: (3 credits)
Any Behavioral/Physical & Natural Science 101 or above 3cr
Fine Arts/ Humanities: (3 credits)
Any Fine Arts or Humanities 101 or above 3cr
Mathematics: (3 credits)
MATH 120 or other 3cr
Social Sciences: (3 credits)
Any Social Science 101 or above 3cr


BSTC 100 Introduction to Accounting 3cr
BSTC 142 Introduction to Legal System 3cr
BSTC 218 Business Law I 3cr
BSTC 243 Estate Probate 3cr
BSTC 244 Litigation 3cr
BSTC 270 Family Law for the Legal Assistant 3cr
BSTC 275 Real Estate Law for the Legal Assistant 3cr
BSTC 280 Legal Research & Writing 3cr
BSTC 281 Trial Practice Skills 3cr
BSTC 282 Real Estate Law for Tribal Court Advocate 3cr
TRE 215 Intro to Law in Tribal Communities 3cr
CRJS 201 Criminal Law I 3cr
CS 150L Computing for Business Students 3cr
IT 120 Introduction to Word Processing 3cr

Electives: (3 credits)
Suggest BSTC 294 Navajo Nation Bar Review 3cr

Recommended Course Sequence for Full-time Students (Part-time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 15cr/hrs

ENGL 110 - 3cr
MATH 120 - 3cr
CRJS 201 - 3cr
BSTC 142 - 3cr
IT 120 - 3cr

Term 2 - 15cr/hrs

ENGL 119 - 3cr
BSTC 100 - 3cr
BSTC 218 - 3cr
BSTC 243 - 3cr
Gen Ed Elective - 3cr

Term 3 - 18cr/hrs

CJ 101 or above 3cr
BSTC 244 - 3cr
BSTC 280 - 3cr
TRE 215 - 3cr
CS 150L - 3cr
Gen Ed Elective 3cr

Term 4 - 18cr/hrs

BSTC 270 - 3cr
BSTC 275 - 3cr
BSTC 281 - 3cr
BSTC 282 - 3cr
BSTC 294 3cr

**Summer Semester as needed.

AAS Tribal Court Advocate


Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Business Management & Technology Department:
(505) 863-7511.

Frank Loera, Asst. Professor Business Administration
(505) 863-7511

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