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At the UNM-Gallup North Campus, Adult Basic Education (ABE) provides classes for GED® and HiSET® preparation, Skills Refresher for college preparation, and English as a Second Language (ESL).

Description of Services

All of our classes are taught by experienced teachers dedicated to the success of our students. Our program operates year round. Please call the campus that you would like to attend for start dates and to add your name to the list for the next session.

GED® and HiSET® Preparation

8-week class sessions that begin with several days of orientation to help students return to a school environment and prepare them to succeed. Our orientations and classes help students learn about themselves and build common ground with their classmates and teachers. The classes cover the basic skills for the GED® and HiSET® test, college preparation, and employment.

Students must sign up in advance to attend the sessions.

The amount of time to successfully complete the program depends on the individual student's educational background and commitment to the classes.

HiSET® program website


Classes are designed for students whose first language is not English. Students from a variety of language backgrounds attend the classes and work together to learn English through reading, writing, conversation, and activities inside and outside of the classroom. The class helps students with daily life, GED®, HiSET®/college preparation, family literacy, and citizenship.

Students must sign up in advance for the class.

Our North Campus staff speak English, Navajo, Spanish


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Diploma Sender

DiplomaSender is a source for High School Equivalency documentation. If you took the HiSET®, TASC, or GED® test in one of their partner states (see the states on, you can go to their website to obtain another diploma and/or official transcript.