Academic Advisement


Welcome to UNM Gallup Academic Advisement Department

Visit us for your academic planning needs and career interest. Our offices are located in the Student Services Technology Center (SSTC). Department telephone is: (505) 863-7706

The academic advisors provide general advisement for all programs. The advisors are:

Sheryl Luther, BUS, Sr Academic Advisor
Interim ARC Advisor
SSTC 252 (505) 863-7660
Michelle Lee, BA, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 256 (505) 863-7534
Paula Sayers , MS, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 260 (505) 863-7746
D.L. Wyatt Stiger BUS, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 254 (505) 863-7607
Elaine Chen, Sr Academic Advisor for
Pre-nursing & Nursing Program
Nursing Career Center (505) 726-6308
Laura Leekela, AAS, Advisor for UNM-G,
Zuni campus
South campus (505) 782-6020
Adrienne Tsikewa, MA, Program Specialist TRiO/SSS GH 1140 (505) 863-7654