Academic Advisement


Welcome to UNM-Gallup Academic Advisement Department

Visit us for your academic planning needs and career interest. Our offices are located in the Student Services Technology Center (SSTC). Department telephone is: (505) 863-7706

The academic advisors provide general advisement for all programs. The advisors are:

Mary Lou Mraz, UNM Student Success Specialist
ARC Advisor
Gurley Hall 2205 B (505) 863-7527
Sheryl Luther, BUS, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 252 (505) 863-7660
Michelle Lee, BA, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 256 (505) 863-7534
D.L. Wyatt Stiger BUS, Sr Academic Advisor SSTC 254 (505) 863-7607
Laura Leekela, AAS, Advisor for UNM-G,
Zuni campus
South campus (505) 782-6020
Adrienne Tsikewa, MA, Program Specialist TRiO/SSS GH 1140 (505) 863-7654
Nick Brokeshoulder, Academic Advisor / VA Certifying Official GH 2210A (505) 863-7645
Shynal Robinson, Academic Advisor SSTC 258 (505) 863-7746