Art History 101 Review

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Duccio Christ Entering Campin Merode Alter Masaccio Trinity Fra Angelico Annunc
01 Duccio Christ Entering 02 Campin Merode Alter 03 Masaccio Trinity 04 Fra Angelico Annunc
Uccello Battle of San Mantegna StMark Ghirlandaio Old Man Perugino Christ Keys
05 Uccello Battle of San 06 Mantegna StMark 07Ghirlandaio Old Man 08 Perugino Christ Keys
Vinci da Annunciation Michelangelo David Bosch The Garden Titian Sacred & Profane
09 Vinci da Annunciation 10 Michelangelo David 11 Bosch The Garden 12 Titian Sacred & Profane
Lucas Cranach the Elder El Greco Burial of Tintoretto Last Supper Poussin The Rape of
13 Lucas Cranach the Elder 14 El Greco Burial of 15 Tintoretto Last Supper 16 Poussin The Rape of
de la Tour Mary Magdale Rembrandt Descent from Vermeer  Officer and Watteau Pastoral Scen
17 de la Tour Mary Magdale 18 Rembrandt Descent from 19 Vermeer Officer and 20 Watteau Pastoral Scen
Canaletto Grand Canal Fuseli The Nightmare David Death of Socrates Goya Two Fighting
21 Canaletto Grand Canal 22 Fuseli The Nightmare 23 David Death of Socrates 24 Goya Two Fighting
Friedrich The Cross Gericault Raft of the M Delacroix Massacre of Turner Le Temeraire
25 Friedrich The Cross 26 Gericault Raft of the M 27 Delacroix Massacre of 28 Turner Le Temeraire
Courbet Burial at Ornan Daumier Third Class Millet The Gleaners Ingres The Golden Age
29 Courbet Burial at Ornan 30 Daumier Third Class 31 Millet The Gleaners 32 Ingres The Golden Age
Manet Olympia Monet Women in the Degas The False Start Morisot The Harbour at
33 Manet Olympia 34 Monet Women in the 35 Degas The False Start 36 Morisot The Harbour at
Renoir At the Moulin_t.jpg VanGogh Road w- Cypress Gauguin The Day of Pissaro Roofs of Old
37 Renoir At the Moulin 38 VanGogh Road w- Cypress 39 Gauguin The Day of 40 Pissaro Roofs of Old
Picasso Demoiselles Kirchner The Street Braque Road Near Balla Speeding
41 Picasso Demoiselles 42 Kirchner The Street 43 Braque Road Near 44 Balla Speeding
everini Spherical Hoch Pretty Girl Magritte The False Dali The Persistence of
45 Severini Spherical 46 Hoch Pretty Girl 47 Magritte The False 48 Dali The Persistence of
Pollock Autumn Rhythm DeKooning Woman II Rothko Earth and Green Rauschenberg First
49 Pollock Autumn Rhythm 50 DeKooning Woman II 51 Rothko Earth and Green 52 Rauschenberg First
Warhol 100 Cans Luna The Artifact Piece Heap of Birds American Longfish Goodbye Norma
53 Warhol 100 Cans 54 Luna The Artifact Piece 55 Heap of Birds American 56 Longfish Goodbye Norma
Walkingstick Loss QuicktoSeeSmith Tamarak Whitehorse985 Waldron Saddle
57 Walkingstick Loss 58 QuicktoSeeSmith Tamarak 59 Whitehorse # 985 60 Waldron Saddle

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