Art History 250 Review

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P Cezanne Mt Ste V Van Gogh Night Gauguin Spirit Matisse Green Stripe
01 P Cezanne Mt Ste V 02 Van Gogh Night 03 Gauguin Spirit 04 Matisse Green Stripe
Derain London Bridge Picasso Demoiselles Kirchner Street Heckel Franzi Reclining
05 Derain London Bridge 06 Picasso Demoiselles 07 Kirchner Street 08 Heckel Franzi Reclining
Braque Man with guitar Marc Blue Horses Kandinsky Improvisation Balla Dynamism of a Dog
09 Braque Man with guitar 10 Marc Blue Horses 11 Kandinsky Improvisation 12 Balla Dynamism of a Dog
Boccioni Unique Forms Talin Study Counter Carra Free-Word Painting Severini Spherical Expan
13 Boccioni Unique Forms 14 Talin Study Counter 15 Carra Free-Word Painting 16 Severini Spherical Expan
Malevich Supermatist Red Duchamp Bride Stripped Gabo Head of a Woman Picabia Child Carburetor
17 Malevich Supermatist Red 18 Duchamp Bride Stripped 19 Gabo Head of a Woman 20 Picabia Child Carburetor
Brancusi Bird in Space Schwitters Merz 39 Hausmann Tatlin at Home Hoch Man and Machine
21 Brancusi Bird in Space 22 Schwitters Merz 39 23 Hausmann Tatlin at Home 24 Hoch Man and Machine
Ernst Elephant Celebes Lissitzky Proun 19D Rietveld Schroeder House Rodchenko Potemkin
25 Ernst Elephant Celebes 26 Lissitzky Proun 19D 27 Rietveld Schroeder House 28 Rodchenko Potemkin
Miro Birth of the World Tanguy Paint Landscape Corbusier Villa Savoye Magritte Treachery
29 Miro Birth of the World 30 Tanguy Paint Landscape 31 Corbusier Villa Savoye 32 Magritte Treachery
Mondrian Comp with Red Dali Persistence Memory Matta Listen to Living Gorky Agony
33 Mondrian Comp with Red 34 Dali Persistence Memory 35 Matta Listen to Living 36 Gorky Agony
de Kooning Woman II Pollock Blue Poles Newman Onement I Rauschenberg Bed
37 de Kooning Woman II 38 Pollock Blue Poles 39 Newman Onement I 40 Rauschenberg Bed
Johns Target Four Face Hamilton Just What is it Rothko Red White Brown Kelly Red White
41 Johns Target Four Face 42 Hamilton Just What is it 43 Rothko Red White Brown 44 Kelly Red White
Poons Night on Cold Mt Warhol Gold Marilyn Stella Gran Cairo Lichtenstein Drowning
45 Poons Night on Cold Mt 46 Warhol Gold Marilyn 47 Stella Gran Cairo 48 Lichtenstein Drowning
Wesselman Bathtub Oldenburg Soft Washstand Riley Recollection Frankenthaler Blue Rail
49 Wesselman Bathtub 50 Oldenburg Soft Washstand 51 Riley Recollection 52 Frankenthaler Blue Rail
Sherman Untitled Film Serra Tilted Arc Kiefer Depart from Egypt Ringgold Purple Quilt
53 Sherman Untitled Film 54 Serra Tilted Arc 55 Kiefer Depart from Egypt 56 Ringgold Purple Quilt
Koons New Hoover Saar Love Potion 9 Judd Untitled Hirst Physical Impossibi
57 Koons New Hoover 58 Saar Love Potion #9 59 Judd Untitled 60 Hirst Physical Impossibi

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