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Entrepreneurism Certificate Program

Certificate - Entrepreneurship (30)

Most students enrolled in college today are there for one reason: prepare for a job or a career. We want you to be equipped in whatever field you have chosen so that you can find employment when you finish.

But more than merely finding employment, we want you to be the best one for your job. Each of our programs has been designed with this in mind. Every one of our faculty is committed to making you a superior and skilled employee. Or if you choose to begin your own business, we will not only train you in the fundamentals of running a successful business, we will also work with you during your first few years in business and assist you in making decisions and navigating the sometimes perilous path to solid ground for your business.

We invite you to look carefully at the programs we offer and to sit down with one of our faculty or with our Academic Advisor, Paula Sayers. We are here to help you in whatever ways we can. Your future is important to us.


Communication (3):
ENGL 110 Accelerated Composition 3cr
Mathematics (3)
MATH 120 Intermediate Algebra 3cr
Humanities/Behavioral & Social Science (3)


MGMT 101 Fundamentals of Accounting 3cr
MGMT 113 Intro to Management 3cr
CJ 221 Interpersonal Communication 3cr
MGMT 190 Special Topics 3cr
MGMT 195 Intro to Entrepreneurship 3cr
CS150L Computing for Business 3cr
MGMT 222 Principles of Marketing 3cr

Entrepreneurism Certificate Program


Business Management & Technology Department:
(505) 863-7511

Al Henderson,Lecturer Business Mgmt. & Tech.
Phone: (505) 863-7634
Room: GH 2210P

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Institute (REI)

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