Academic Advisor / Coordinator Schedules

Advisor / Coordinator Schedules
ARC Office Hours
Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
8AM – 5PM
8AM – 5PM
8AM – 5PM
8AM – 5PM

Visit in-person for WALK-IN and/or schedule an appointment through:

Academic Advisor and Coordinator Hours ARC Center
Student's Last Name Your Advisor Office Location Office Phone
Accessibility Resource Center (ARC) Participants Mary Lou Mraz
ARC – Student Success Specialist
GH 2205 B (505) 863-7527
(505) 863-7757
A – D = Shynal Robinson
Academic Advisor
SSTC 258 (505) 863-7746
E – K = Michelle Lee
Student Success Manager
SSTC 256 (505) 863-7534
L – R = Sheryl Luther
Senior Academic Advisor
SSTC 252 (505) 863-7660
S – Z = David “Wyatt” Stiger
Senior Academic Advisor
SSTC 254 (505) 863-7607
ALL Pre-Nursing to Nursing Program Students Tonya Thacker
Senior Student Success Associate
NCC Rm. 142 (505) 863-7599
TRiO/SSS Participants Sophia Francisco
Sr Student Program Advisors
GH 1137 (505) 863-7751
Emergency Medical Service (EMS) Courses Sonya Damon
EMT Director
Health Career I (HCI) (505) 726-6324

UNM-G Contact for 504/ADA Compliance and referral to main campus coordinator:

Mary Lou Mraz,
UNM Student Success Specialist
(505) 863-7527

UNM-G Contact for Title IX and referral to main campus coordinator:

Jayme McMahon, Director of Student Affairs
(505) 863-7508

UNM Main Campus Title IX Coordinator

Heather Cowan, Title IX Coordinator
(505) 277-5251

Office of Equal Opportunity