AA Business Administration

Associate of Arts in Business Administration (61 credits)

The Associate of Arts in Business Administration is meant for that student who wants to transfer into a Bachelor of Business Administration program offered at Anderson School of Management on the Albuquerque Campus or through the UNM Gallup Bachelor and Graduate Programs. The student will complete all general education and the lower divisions business courses needed for application to Anderson School. (See UNM General Bulletin for Admission Requirements).


Writing and Speaking (9 credits):
Engl 110 Accelerated Communications 3cr
Engl 120 Composition III 3cr
Engl 219 Technical & Professional Writing OR 3cr
                   Engl 220 Expository Writing 3cr

Humanities: (3 credits)
Select one elective course from any of the lower division Core Curriculum in Humanities.

Fine Arts: (3 credits)
Select one elective course from any of the lower division Core Curriculum in Fine Arts.

Mathematics: (6 credits)
Math 121 College Algebra OR 3cr
                  Math 150 Pre-Calculus Mathematics
Math 162 Calculus OR 4cr
                  Math 180 Elements of Calculus 1 3cr

Physical / Natural Sciences: (7 credits)

Social and Behavioral Sciences: (15 credits)
Two more courses from AMST 182 or 185; ANTH 101, 110 or 130; ECON 105 or 106, Community and Regional Planning 181, GEOG 102, LING 101; POLS 110, 200, or 220, 240; PSY 105 and SOC 101

Second Language: (3 credits)
One from any of the lower division non-English language offerings of the Departments of Linguistics; Spanish and Portuguese, Foreign Languages, including American Sign Language 201, 210, 211, or 310, Navajo, or Foreign Language in another department and program.

Business Core: (9 credits)

CS 150L Computer for Business Students 3cr
STAT 145 Introduction to Statistics OR 3cr
                   MGMT 290 Introduction to Business Statistics
MGMT 202 Principles of Financial Accounting OR 3cr
                   MGMT 101 Fundamentals of Accounting I AND
                   MGMT 102 Fundamentals of Accounting II
MGMT 113 Management: An Introduction 3cr
MGMT 195 Introduction to Entrepreneurship OR 3cr
                   MGMT 222 Introduction to Marketing 3cr

Electives: (6 credits)

Mgmt 101 and Mgmt 102 can be taken at UNM-Gallup and substitute for Mgmt 202 at UNM-Anderson. MGMT 222 Principles of Marketing can count toward the BBA MGMT 322 requirement if students successfully complete an additional marketing course with a grade of B or better.

AA Business Administration


Business and Applied Technology: (505) 863-7511.

Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Elvira Martin,Associate Professor
(505) 863-7509

Linda Begayne,Administrative Asst.
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