Carpentry Certificate Program

Certificate in Construction Technology - Carpentry Trades (32 Credits)

Opportunities for employment for holders of a one-year certificate may include: Apprentice Trainee, Cabinet Builder's Helper, and Form Carpenter's Helper.

Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.

General Education Requirement: (6 credits)

Communications: (3 credits)
COMM** CJ Course 101 or above 3cr
Computer/Information Literacy (3 credits)
IT101 or Information Technology
DRFT115* AutoCAD Level I

Construction Technology Core: (26 credits)

CNST109* Plumbing Systems
CNST140* Central Heating Systems
CNST121* Residential Wiring
CNST103* Exterior Finish
CNST105* Interior Finish
CNST118* Alternative BLDG & CNST
SUST250* Home Energy Audits

Sequencing: Recommended Course Sequencing for Full –Time Students (Part-Time Students should see an Academic Advisor to customize their educational plan)

Term 1 - 16cr/hrs

CNST103 4cr
CNST105 4cr
CNST121 4cr
CNST118 4cr

Term 2 - 16cr/hrs

CNST109 3cr
IT101 or DRFT 115 3cr
CNST140 4cr
SUST250 3cr
Communications 3cr

*After the Course Number are Considered Technical, Vocational, Occupational, or Developmental

** Placement test recommended

Carpentry Certificate Program


Advisement Center: (505) 863-7706.

Construction Technology Program Coordinator:
(505) 863-7560,
Loren Leekela (505) 863-7544.

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