General Information

Introduction to UNM-Gallup

UNM Gallup is home to approximately 2,500 students. Located near the Navajo, Zuni and Hopi Reservations, this campus has the largest Native American student body of any public university in the world, and awards close to $7,000,000 annually in tribal, federal and state grants as well as private, civic, and corporate grants and scholarships.

Located in Gallup, New Mexico, the adobe-style facilities sits among some of the most beautiful red rock country in the Southwest. The Gallup population is close to 21,000 but because of our easy accessibility to the reservations, our trade population on any given Saturday can number close to 100,000 and more on holidays and festive occasions. The region’s diverse cultural events are celebrated throughout the year.

UNM Gallup was established in 1968 with offices and classrooms at the local Gallup High School and an initial enrollment of 128 students. In the same year, the Gallup Lions Club donated a building and six acres of pinon wooded hills to the College as a community service project. Named Lion’s Hall, it was remodeled to include administrative offices and classrooms and was the beginning of the present site. Mr. and Mrs. Clair Gurley donated an adjacent parcel of 70 acres to the college which allowed the University to grow and expand to the campus we know and love today.

Chartered as a community college more than five decades ago, we operate under the aegis of the University of New Mexico as Gallup's branch campus. Although our priority has always been to serve our community as a two-year college, our association with UNM has allowed us to be flexible and stretch as the need arrives. In addition to our two-year programs, we also have a few entities operating on our campus or under our leadership: Adult Education Center on the North Side of Gallup, the Center for Career and Technical Education (CCTE), Middle College High School, McKinley Academy and Community Education. All these programs help to meet the needs of our very diverse community

UNM-Gallup offers open enrollment, with opportunities to obtain a certificate in a vocational program, or an associate's degree in either a vocational program or an academic discipline. Many of our students concentrate on obtaining their basics at UNMG's affordable tuition rates before transferring to four-year institutions.

Role and Function of UNM Branch Colleges

The University has established branch community colleges to serve the citizens of New Mexico more fully and to provide the highest quality of education for students pursuing post-secondary education at different locations throughout the state. Branch community colleges respond specifically to the unique needs and multi-cultural backgrounds of their respective communities by offering community education programs, career education, including certificate and associate degree programs, and transfer programs that prepare students for upper division entry into colleges and universities. Branch community colleges utilize many resources in their service districts and therefore function as integral parts of their surrounding communities. They are thoroughly committed to assisting in the economic development of their service areas. The branch campuses of UNM are considered fully integrated component community colleges. They are committed to serving the needs of their respective communities in the manner of a comprehensive community college, offering a variety of academic, career, and community service programs. The branch community colleges pledge themselves to protect the quality and integrity of all academic curricula, and the main campus pledges its resources, whenever appropriate and practical, to the fulfillment of the varied missions of the branches. UNM’s Office of the Provost has responsibility for establishing policies and procedures relativeto all branch operations.


As a Branch College of the University of New Mexico, UNM–Gallup is fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Operating Agreement and Funding

NM-Gallup was established under the provisions of the Branch Community College Act, New Mexico Statutes 1978, implemented in an operating agreement between the UNM-Gallup Advisory Board and the Regents of The University of New Mexico. An elected body of five representatives, the Advisory Board approves UNM-Gallup’s annual budget and calls elections for local tax levies and capital outlay general obligation bonds on behalf of UNM-Gallup. UNM retains administrative and academic control of UNM-Gallup. The Chancellor of UNM-Gallup reports to the provost/vice president for Academic Affairs at UNM. Funding for UNM-Gallup Campus is derived from direct State appropriations, tax levies, special grants, and student tuition and fees.

UNM-Gallup’s Vision, Mission, and Values

Vision: The University of New Mexico Gallup will be a nationally recognized leader in community focused, regionally specific and culturally vibrant education.

Mission: The University of New Mexico Gallup prepares people to achieve their educational and professional goals in a context of respect for the traditions and values of the many groups it serves.


We value EXCELLENCE by providing quality decisions and actions through our people, programs and outcomes.

We value INTEGRITY through our commitment to managing our resources wisely, keeping our promises and ensuring accountability to our students, the community and all who serve UNM Gallup’s mission.

We value DIVERSITY by striving to strengthen our university, our community and our society through the respectful treatment of all people. UNM Gallup recognizes, accepts and values differences of culture, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, nationality, religion, language and academic discipline and embraces diversity as a learning opportunity.

We value FREEDOM by encouraging inquiry, candor, creative activity, and the pursuit of ideas

We value SUSTAINABILITY by meeting the needs of the present while preserving the well-being of future generations.

We value ACCESS WITH SUPPORT TO SUCCEED by offering all who desire the opportunity to take full advantage of the wealth of UNM Gallup resources and be fully included in the UNM Gallup community.

We value RESPECTFUL RELATIONSHIPS as demonstrated by our commitment to building trust, inspiring collaboration, and ensuring teamwork essential to UNM Gallup’s success.

Educational Programs

UNM-Gallup offers a range of educational programs. These programs constitute the heart of the institution. Academic transfer programs for credit provide the first two years of high quality university education. UNM-Gallup is authorized to offer any freshman or sophomore course that appears in the UNM Albuquerque campus catalog for which an appropriate instructor and facilities can be obtained. In addition, UNM-Gallup may design courses that respond to the needs of its students. Most of these courses carry full UNM residence credit as though they were taken in Albuquerque. Thus students enrolled in academic transfer courses may complete most of and, in many cases, all of the first two years of a baccalaureate degree at UNM-Gallup before continuing their studies at UNM or other four-year institutions.

Associate of Arts and Associate of Science degrees are offered in the following fields: Business Administration, Criminal Justice, Early Childhood Education, Emergency Medical Services, Environmental Planning and Design, Health Information Technology, Human Services, Liberal Arts, Medical Laboratory Technology, Nursing, Science, and Teacher Education. These programs are considered transfer programs because most, or all, of the courses required transfer to other four-year colleges and universities.

Occupational and technical programs are offered for academic credit. Associate of Applied Science Degrees are available in Automotive Technology, Construction Technology, General Studies, and Welding Technology. The Associate Degree in General Studies provides students the opportunity to develop programs of study not available through other UNM-Gallup programs. The courses selected may reflect either specialized or broad patterns of educational experience.

Academic Certificates are offered in Automotive Technology, Bookkeeping, Collision Repair Technology, Construction Technology, Cosmetology and Barbering, Dental Assisting, Early Childhood Multicultural Education, Emergency Medical Services, Health Information Technology-Coding, Human Services, Information Technology, Nursing Assistant, and Organizational Management and Public Administration.

The Adult Education center provides adults basic education (ABE) services to adults who wish to obtain their New Mexico High School Equivalency Credential (HSE), brush up on basic literacy skills, improve workplace skills, or learn English as a second Language (ESL).UNM-Gallup’s ABE program is housed on our satellite campus located on Gallup’s north side.


The faculty of UNM-Gallup are dedicated educators and researchers. Many of the faculty enjoy international reputations in their fields, and all are extremely well qualified. Most UNM-Gallup faculty are subject to UNM approval through the various departments at the UNM–Albuquerque campus. Over half of the UNM-Gallup faculty consists of a core of continuing faculty. Core faculty members, in addition to teaching, hold regular office hours, provide academic support, and participate in a 6 variety of committee work and special projects. There are four academic divisions: Business and Applied Technologies, Community Education and Workforce Development; Education, Health and Human Services; Fine Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences; and, Mathematics, Physical and Natural Sciences. Division Chairs for are responsible for the coordination of faculty and instructional issues within each curriculum area. Division Chairs advise the administration on curriculum and academic personnel matters and, with the Dean of Instruction, monitor the quality of teaching through classroom visits. Other means of class evaluation may include a mid-semester evaluation survey, a classroom assessment technique of the teacher’s choosing, and a UNM computerized student evaluation survey at the end of the semester.


The UNM-Gallup campus spreads over 80acresof land and supports over 191,000 square feet of buildings. The campus includes ten buildings that house classrooms, administrative offices, student services, a library, facilities services, laboratories, lecture halls, and community meeting and student activity space, including a physical education complex and outdoor fitness trail. The facilities at UNM-Gallup support computer, general science, health careers, and career and technology program laboratories, art studios adjacent to a public gallery, together with general classrooms. In addition to the central campus, UNM-Gallup has a satellite location on the north side of the City which houses our Adult Basic Education program.

Zollinger Library provides a variety of services and resources that support the University's instructional programs and users' needs for personal enrichment and recreation. Knowledgeable staff are available to organize library materials, to help users locate information, and to assist them in using print and online resources and computer equipment. The library contains a computer lab, a conference room and group study rooms. In addition, the facility houses books, videos and periodical titles. For additional information visit

Ingham Chapman Gallery

NM Gallup's Ingham Chapman Gallery serves as the primary venue for nationally recognized contemporary artists, from all disciplines, in the city of Gallup. It is the mission of the Gallery to bring high quality exhibitions from a diverse array of perspectives and media, to the students, staff and faculty at UNM-Gallup as well as the greater Gallup Community.

The Ingham Chapman Gallery is located in the Gurley Hall Commons.


UNM-Gallup Bookstore is the major provider for all our students' class needs, including textbooks, school supplies, and lab and art supplies. The bookstore also sells college apparel, snacks, backpacks, gift items and trade books. Students may also purchase caps and gowns for commencement, along with other commencement merchandise.

The Bookstore is located in the Gurley Hall Commons. For additional information visit

Physical Education Complex

The UNM Gallup Physical Education complex is located on the southeast side of the campus, the building on the east side of Calvin Hall. The P.E. complex provides a basketball court, weight room; showers and lockers for registered students, UNM staff and faculty. Open recreation hours are published each term to accommodate scheduled Physical Education credit-bearing courses.

For a walk or run through the beautiful Gallup landscape, there are two fitness trails that loop behind the gymnasium. With several gentle hills, the 7 larger trail is approximately 1 mile in length while the smaller trail is about ¼ mile in length. Several fitness stations are located on the trail to enhance and complete your full work out. For the safety and comfort of all trail users, bikes, strollers and dogs are not permitted on the trails. Trail users are advised to follow posted signage and rules for trail usage.

Information Technologies

Information Technologies (IT) provides and supports many campus-wide IT services including: wireless networks; administrative, faculty, student, human resources and financial applications; a technical service center; online teaching and learning tools; and computers and printers in labs and classrooms. Most computing services are available free of charge to students; any for-fee services are identified at the time the service is requested.

UNM NetID. Every student is required to create a NetID account through the UNM portal at A UNM NetID is required in order to register for classes, access grades, conduct University business, or use UNM computer labs and classrooms. The NetID is also the UNM e-mail address. Email is accessed with LoboMail. This account remains active as long as you are registered for a credit class or employed at UNM.

LoboMail. LoboMail is a feature-rich email and calendaring system accessible through a web browser. LoboMail accounts have many features, including mobile access from most smartphones, unlimited storage using Microsoft OneDrive, videoconferencing and chat using Skype, shared calendar and contacts, collaboration tools, and 50 GB of email storage.

Wireless, Voice and Data Network Services. The Lobo Wi-Fi wireless network provides secure Internet access for all students with a valid NetID and password. Wired connections are available in computer labs and throughout campus.

UNM Directory. The UNM Directory is up-to-date and available online at the UNM Directory. It contains department, location, status, and contact information for students, faculty, and staff. Students may request that the personal listing be omitted from the directory by contacting Student Affairs.

LoboAlerts. Faculty, staff, and students can update their contact information for emergency notification in the event of weather or safety conditions that warrant texting and emailing by logging in at the LoboAlerts Web site.

IT Customer Support Services. Technical help for using UNM systems can be accessed by calling 277-5757 or by using the FastInfo and StudentInfo knowledge databases. Answers to questions are available online from both databases, by email, through the chat utility, or by telephone. Information can also be found at the IT Web site.

Software Downloads. IT offers free Microsoft Office and antivirus software to all UNM users with a valid NetID. Visit the IT Web site to download Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP) onto your work and home computers. MATLAB, printer drivers and other software are also available at this site.

Information Security and Privacy. Faculty, staff, and students can find resources on protection from identity theft, on intellectual property (copyright) and on best practices for securing their computers by contacting the IT Service Center at 277-5757 or by visiting the Information Security and Privacy Office Web site.

IT Alerts and Network Upgrades. The IT Alerts page notifies the UNM community of any network upgrades and outages, and is available 24 hours at the IT Web site. The UNM community is encouraged to check this page frequently.