Coding Certificate Program - HIT

Certificate - Coding (33 credits)

A certificate in Health Information Technology is awarded following successful completion of the 33 credit-hour program. This program is designed to obtain a certificate or those desiring entry-level employment in a health information department, coding. Disease and procedural coding are the methods by which the patient's encounters are classified, allowing the facility to bill insurance companies and government agencies for reimbursement.

Courses in this program with an * after the course number are considered technical, vocational, occupational, or developmental and may not be transferable to a baccalaureate program. Please consult with your advisor for current transferability information.

HIT Department 2014 Registration for Associates and Coding Students

Registration is now open for the UNM-Gallup HIT Program.
The Summer 2014 term will include:
-HCHT 215 Advanced Outpatient Coding, as well as HCHS 193 Online Bridging ICD-9 to ICD-10 (no credit offered for this course, except for general elective under a Bachelor Program - check with your advisor if you are a Bachelor-level student.).

Additionally during summer term, The Workforce Program is offering an 8-week,non-credit, in-person 2-1/2 hour per night, once per week, ICD-10 CM/PCS class for those working in the community medical records field, already familiar with medical and diagnostic coding, to increase their skills with the ICD-10 classification system, scheduled for implementation October 1, 2015. (Please contact Louise Lopez <> or Laura Blalock with questions you have regarding this course.

The Fall 2014 term of HIT classes that will be offered will include:
HCHT 213 Principles of Disease;
HCHT 219 Advanced Inpatient Coding,
HCHT 222 Health Tech II
HCHT 231 Health Stats/Computer Applications,
HCHT 232 Reimbursement Methodologies, and
HCHT 233 Practicum for Associate Degree HIT students
HCHS 193 Online Bridging ICD-9 to ICD-10 (no credits offered for this course except for some Bachelor students, see your advisor).
Possibly the Workforce program will also offer the ICD-10 CM/PCS in person during Fall as well. Check back for details on this.

If you are a new student entering the program, please schedule an introductory appointment to draw up a plan of your HIT courses, prior to registering for any HIT classes. Due to the fact that each of the HIT courses is offered only once per year, it is very important to meet and develop a plan for sequential HIT coursework, and to refer to any needed prerequisites. Please be sure to contact Laura Blalock at 505 863 7659 with any questions that you have or to schedule an appointment. Calls and emails will be returned within 24 -48 hours.) Looking forward to new students and returning students for Summer and Fall 2014.

AS Health Information Technology - HIT

GRADUATION - May 2013!  Red Rock State Park - 7 of our 17 HIT Spring 2013 Associate Degree and Coding Certificate Students

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