The Outdoors, Motorcycle Enthusiast, Metal Fabrication, Welding, Arts.

  • Certified Harley Davidson Technician, Certified Yamaha YAMAPRO Technician, Motorcycle Mechanics Institute, 2009 Phoenix, Arizona.
  • Associates Degree Welding Technology , University of New Mexico 2013.
  • WLDT 105-460 Arc Welding I
  • WLDT 141-400 MIG & TIG Welding
  • WLDT 120-400 General Welding Applications
  • WLDT 112-400 Gas Metal Arc Welding

While working for Torch Industries, we collaborated with the Wounded Warrior Project and created a 8 week course. A Intro to Welding and Fabrication class. Where we would volunteer our time and teach wounded warrior veterans how to use a MIG welder, a TIG welder and basic metal fabrication techniques.

Adjunct Lecture for 2 Semesters, 5 course at UNM Gallup, Arc Welding I, General Welding Applications, Gas Metal Arc Welding, MIG & TIG Welding.

  • 2012 - "Welding and Metal Fabrication" by Larry Jeffus
  • 2010 - New Mexico Educators Award, for service as an Experiential Educator, at The National Indian Youth Leadership Project.