Lora L. Stone

Lora L. Stone

Associate Professor

Lora's current research interests include Social Movements, Community and Workforce Development, Environmental Sociology, Resource Management, Astrosociology, and Animals in Society.

  • Ph. D. Sociology. 2005. Distinction. University of New Mexico.
  • M. A. Sociology. 2000. University of New Mexico.
  • B. A. English. 1995. Honors. University of Texas.
  • Soc 101: Introductory Sociology
  • Soc 213: Deviance
  • Soc 216: Dynamics of Prejudice
  • Soc 221: Global Problems
  • Soc 326: Sociology of New Mexico
  • Soc 398: Social Movements of the Southwest
  • Soc 461: Global Change

Over 20 years teaching experience at the college and university levels, including: Introductory Sociology, Environmental Sociology , Sociology of Gender , Social Research Methods, Statistics, Classical Sociological Theory, Contemporary Social Theory, Sociology of Religion, Social Problems, Causes of Crime , Deviant Behavior, Dynamics of Prejudice , Social Control, Collective Behavior, Social Movements , Sociology of New Mexico, Social Movements of the Southwest, Youth and Society, Contemporary Native American Issues, Social Stratification, Global Change, Introduction to Ethnicity/Race,

Field Researcher and Analyst. National Project on Community Development and Community Organizing. Funded by Ford Foundation. Data collection and analysis at selected sites across the United States. Correlations between religious culture, socio-economic mobility, and political participation.

Research Associate. Starting Early Starting Smart National Study. Funded by National Institute of Health, University of New Mexico Health Sciences, and Institute for Social Research. Data collection and analysis at multiple sites in New Mexico. Early childhood intervention.

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  • 2017 Sociology: A Twenty-First Century Primer. Kona Publishing. ISBN: 978-1-945628-17-7
  • Representative publications (for current, complete list, please contact lora@unm.edu ):
  • 2016 "Fundamentalism and The Fundamentals" in Reforming America: A Thematic Encyclopedia and Document Collection of the Progressive Era, edited by Jeffrey Johnson. Santa Barbara, CA: ABC-CLIO.
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