Andisheh Dadashi

Andisheh Dadashi

Visiting Lecturer II

Among Gallup campus' newest addition, Andisheh Dadashi is excited to share her knowledge as a Statistics Professor. Originally from Iran, Andisheh graduated from the University of Mazandaran with a B.S. in mathematical statistics and went on to receive her M.S. in the same field from the University of Pune, India.

In 2014, she earned a Ph.D. admission from the University of New Mexico and began her Ph.D. in August 2014 where she met her wonderful husband. After two years of study and working as a statistics instructor, she decided to accept her second M.S. degree in Statistics and accept a job offer at UNM Gallup as a Visiting Prof.

Andisheh is pleased to teach math and statistics because she hopes to inspire confidence among her students, especially confidence in their ability to excel in a subject many Americans find daunting. Mathematics and statistics is often difficult for many students, especially for students who do not receive encouragement nor possess motivation. However, Andisheh has developed a means of teaching which makes learning math and statistics both fun and challenging.

Andisheh understands the importance of using technology in the classroom because she seeks to modernize her students' ability to adapt and thrive academically and professionally in the 21st century.

Andisheh admires Marie Curie, the first woman to win a Nobel Prize and the only woman to win two. Like Marie Curie, Andisheh aspires to conduct bio-statistical/medical research with her husband whom shares the same future goals.

  • Bachelor of Mathematical Statistics University of Mazandaran, Iran
  • Master of Mathematical Statistics University of Pune, India
  • Master of Mathematical Statistics University of New Mexico, USA GPA: 4.03
  • MATH 106: Problems in intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 107: Problems in college Algebra
  • MATH 120: Intermediate Algebra
  • MATH 121: college Algebra
  • Stat 145: Statistics
  • Teaching assistant and instructor at University of New Mexico 2014-2016
  • Vice president and Statistician at Rangin Aluminum Iman factory, Iran, 2005 - 2013
  • Statistician at Mactuf Company, Iran, 2007 - 2013 (Part-time)
  • Instructor at University of New Mexico, 2014 - 2016
  • Visiting Prof. at UNM-Gallup, 2016 - Present
  • Accepted to the PhD program in 2014
  • Assistantship 2014-2016